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Roof of the Old CPS Swansea sometime during the 1930's

Another 'Blast from the Past' - An amazing photograph, taken on the roof of the 'Old' Swansea Central Police Station, Orchard Street, Swansea somettime during the 1930's.

Kindly submitted by Brian Pounder, retired Superintendent, living in Bridgend - a former Swansea Borough officer. A letter from Brian, identifying the characters can be read here. 12th October 2011

Update - Bryon, I was at lunch yesterday when Brian Jones showed me the photograph and having joined the Swansea Borough Police and Fire Brigade as a cadet on 1st March 1941 was able to identify the persons shown. I would think that it was taken, probably 1934-1936. Yes, the Swansea Police School did take recruits from Neath and Carmarthen Boroughs, thats why the Neath Borough man is in the photograph.
Eric Place - 13th October)

Another update -
In the middle row on the right of C.C. F.J.May, is George Symmons (my Uncle} He went on to become Assistant C.C of Bedford and later, Chief Constable of Macclesfield. He was a friend of CC. D.V Turner and always visited him when he came to Swansea on holidays. Hope this will be of some interest.

Best wishes
Laura Lewis
14th December 2011

Colin Wooldridge younger days

Circa 1957. It shows my uncle Colin, Mum, Dad and me (in the romper suit) outside our home in Tai Cyd, Three Crosses which may have been outside the Borough of Swansea!

Colin (the elder) tells me he was in training school, and as he lived in Aberyswyth, he would stay at his brothers in Three Crosses.

Colin Wooldridge - Oct 2011

'A' Group CPS Sx, circa 1984 - The last night shift for Arfod or 'Havard' Rees (PC 405 I think)
so the beer came out when the streets went quiet. Good luck

Martyn Williams
(Former 2350)

Officer on duty
Update - Graham ‘Ginger’ Davies has confirmed that he is the officer in the photo outside
Boots the Chemist. He states that the occasion was a visit by the Queen Mother to
officially open St Mary’s Church after renovation to repair war damage.
Thanks to John Huxtable for this update - Nov 2011
Photograph submitted by Terry Townend - Sept 2011

Pc Jake Ellery
Another 'Blast from the past'
PC Jake Ellery walking down the stairs at the old Swansea Central Police Station
on his very first tour of duty, taken on March 17th 1951.
He went on to become a well known and well respected Police Officer
Photograph kindly submitted by Terry Townend - Sep 2011

Springbox Demo 1969
Swansea Public Order - Springboks Demo and Swans v Arsenal 1969
Photographs kindly submitted by Terry Townend - Sep 2011

Peter Minty far left, next to Mike Charles and Dick Lewis!

Springbox Demo 1969

Brownies Visit Cocket Station 1981
Members of the 6th Swansea/Sketty Brownie pack enjoy refreshments
during a visit to Cockett Police Station 1981.
Kindly submitted by Terry Townend - August 2011

Mega Retirement Do.
July 1st 2011 was the occasion of a 'Mega' retirement do', held at the Swansea Sub Aqua Club, for 8 people retiring from the South Wales Police.
There were six Police officers and two former Police officers who had returned as Police Staff. It was especially pleasing to know that 5 of the Police officers have already joined the Swansea branch of Narpo!

Persons retiring were:
PS Mandy Stone.
PC Philip Evans
PC Alex Manning-Rees
PC Pauline Nicholas
PC Graham Bundock
PC Richy Whitmore
Police Staff Huw Edwards
Police Staff Phil Taylor

A few photographs which were taken during the evening can be viewed here.
Further submissions are of course invited!

blue lamp Here's a good one of the 'Blue lamp' from outside the old (CPS) Swansea Central Police Station.

There's still a place for old traditional things within a modern Police Station!

Terry Townend - 17th July 2011


Twickenham Trip - 1986 and somewhere in Soho!!!
Ken Jones - Steve Culliford - Ray Milne - Kevin Gandy - Mike Diggory Williams






Twickenham - 1986 (Those were the days)
Kindly submitted by Steve Culliford - June 2011

Training Centre Bridgend 1968
No.8 Police Training District Bridgend
22nd Jan - 19th April 1968

Kindly subnmitted by Terry Townend - April 2011

Swansea Borough Officer
Now identified as Pc 130 David Price
by his daughter Audrey Vincent - Nee Price
(Information passed on by one of our members Hazel Davies)
yet another ex-Swansea Policewoman. Thanks both.

Photograph kindly submitted by Terry Townend - April 2011

Pontardawe Officers

PC 143 Thomas Jack Rees and shift taken at Pontardawe Police Station
A smart bunch indeed - Kindly submitted by Terry Townend - April 2011

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