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South Wales Evening Post - Tuesday Aug 10th 2010


Armed Forces Day
Armed Forces Day - Swansea 2010
Kindly submitted by Peter Hall

A true story from the 1960's
John Rosser was the local beat officer in St Thomas during the 1960's.
At the time I was an eight year old living in the area.
Every day John was allocated point duty at the Midland Crossing, St Thomas ( which is now the sight of the traffic lights to Swansea's SA1 by the River Bridge). One day I strolled to watch John directing the traffic - I then decided to have a go myself.

I took up position behind John and copied his traffic direction movements - John had no idea I was behind him - the whole of the traffic system came to a grinding halt with motorists and pedestrians pointing towards John and laughing - Poor old John was looking around thinking there was something wrong with him - then he spotted me behind him copying his movements - he quickly took me home to my mother and explained what I had done with the words "Please make sure he doesn't do it again Mrs Hall"

John Rosser was a well known and very respected PC in the St. Thomas and Port Tenant areas and to this day still keeps in touch within the community of that area.

When I joined the Police Service myself one of the first people I met was " Uncle John Rosser."

John is a true gentleman and a very caring kind person - and even when I see him today he looks the same as he did to me when I was eight. Word it as you wish - but that's the outline of the story.

A lovely story - Un-edited - Signed : Peter Hall June 2010


Swansea Police Inspection 1905
‘Swansea Police Inspection 1905’ 
From the below text on the back of the photograph, it would appear to be the
police station at the rear of the old Guildhall.

(A facinating photograph - kindly submitted by Ds Peter Wright)

Police Inspection 1905

Abercynon Police Station
My father, PC Thomas Francombe - taken in 1936
outside Abercynon Police Station.

Photographs kindly submitted by
Tom Francombe
and Peter Evans
(2nd June 2010)
It is believed that the bunting was to commemorate the Coronation of King George.

Victoria Square, Aberdare - date not known

  A lovely, very sharp photograph of a parade involving the police and fire service. In the left hand column, the fifth man is my father, PC Thomas Francombe. The sergeant on the extreme right on his own is Sgt Will Francombe, the brother of PC Tom Francombe.

Photograph and details kindly submitted by Patricia Neil and Tom Francombe - (1st June 2010)

Update: My son has identified the location as Victoria Square, Aberdare. The statue on the right of the picture is of  Caradog (Griffith Rhys Jones). A picture is available on the internet at 
Derrick Rastin 3rd June

Lead players in a Carl Ryan Playlet
Another pic showing myself, Peter Carter Jones, Norman Hathaway
and someone on the extreme right who I can't put a name to.
Keith Watkins in disguise!!!

Whenever there was a CID 'do' Carl Ryan could always be called upon
to provide some sort of entertainment for the 'troops'.
Perhaps those involved in this one can recall the occasion and the title of the presentation.

Kindly submitted by John Gronow (222) (May 2010)

CID Soccer Team
Swansea CID Soccer Team - probably competing in the Mallin Cup - Late 1970's

Back Row from left: Mike Troake - Spencer O'Connor - Paul Baker - Jeff Johnson
Bruce Shepherd - Alan Mages - Ethwen Jones - Tony Thomas - Alex Evans
John Davies - Clive Jones

Front Row: Mike Green - Dai Williams - Brian Gillard - Lyn Davies.
Kindly submitted by Alex Evans CPS

Borough Photos
Brian Frame, Jimmy Harrigan, Brian Richards.
Reuben Simons, Bob Carter, Ieuan John, Fred Grace
and John Gronow - 1960's ?

Kindly submitted by John Gronow (222) (March 2010)

Borough Photos

Peter Alan, Norman Hathaway and John Gronow..
Taken at a crime scene somewhere!
- 1960's ?
Kindly submitted by John Gronow (222) (March 2010)

Adelaide St


These 7 fine photographs were kindly submitted by Gladys Spencer (10th March 2010)
(Uniformed police officer in background depicted close up)

Ben Evans Summer Sale

Visit by Churchill

Visit by George V1

Swansea Docks 1925

High Street Swansea

High Street, Swansea

All of the above photographs were kindly submitted by Gladys Spencer (10th March 2010)


Mark Mathias

Mark Mathias
Evening Post -Monday 8th March 2010

Welsh Guards Parade


Welsh Guards Parade

NARPO members who attended the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards
march through Swansea on Monday 8th March 2010.
Kindly submitted by Peter Hall

Kindly submitteed by Doug/Gladys Spencer
March 2010

Traffic 1984

This is a photograph I took on my last day at the Western Traffic Sector Office, Neath, before I transferred to Metropolitan Police, London in May 1984. Now enjoying my retirement.

Can you pass onto all my old colleagues my best wishes.

Barrie Parkman

Traffic  Motorcyclists

Swansea Borough Traffic department 'fooling around'   

Clive Wynne-Hughes on the handlebars and Denis Pritchard behind him
Sadly Jimmy Harrigan (in shirtsleeves) is no longer with us .. Tom "The dog" is wearing the white helmet Basil Freeman is leaning on the wall, Haydn Brown is on the extreme right, with Brian Frame in front of him, the "Parkinsons"

Happy days were had by all, including myself .. pity I couldn't be in the pic .. someone had to operate the camera! Members will recall the two AJS bikes, originally used by John Pickard (the black bike) and Derek Michael (the white bike).

Best regards, John Gronow (222) (19th Feb)

Cwmbwrla Box

Cwmbwrla Box

Hello all,

This is a photo I took in the 60's which members might find interesting .. how different it looks now.

Regards. John Gronow
(ex. 222)

17th February 2010


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