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'A Book of Remembrance'
Dedicated to family and friends...

2012 - 2024

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Remembering retired DC 619 Karl Julian Landeg who passed away a year ago, on the 17th May 2023 at Morriston Hospital. A man of many parts; a Magistrate, a Mason and friend to many. He left us much too early, is greatly missed and forever loved.

Sleep peacefully my darling.


Retired Pc Grey Phillips aged 92.
Grey joined the Swansea Borough Police and became PC 207, later to be PC2227 on amalgamation.
Retired Pc Brian Richards (Gorseinon) Lived in Norwich   June
Retired Dc Colin 'Matho' Mathews   May
Mrs Hazel Davies PW Swansea Borough (Widow of Derek Davies who was known as Rip.   May
Retired Police Constable Richard (Dick) Grove   May
Retired Police Sergeant, Arwel Jones   April
Retired Traffic Sergeant 106, Ronald John   April
Martin Philips. Better to known to us all as Growler   Mar
Retired Police Constable 2090 Charles (Charlie) Bevan   Mar
Retired Inspector 2255 Mike Troake   Mar
Retired Det. Constable 352 David G Davies
(affectionately known as Little Dai or Dai the Spy).
Retired Inspector 2142 Haydn Brown -   Feb
Rita Pickard - John was a Swansea Borough officer who transferred to Cardiff in 1969.
John and Rita are the parents of retired SWP officer Mark.
Mr Eric Evans MVO. QPM. Past president of Narpo from 2008 - 2013 and Vice President from 2005 - 2008. He was also Chairman of Gwynedd Branch and the Wales Region.   Jan
Tudor Davies, retired Detective Sergeant 2071 (Soco)   Dec
Glenys Hawes (nee Arthur). Glenys was the loving wife of retired Constable Peter Hawes.   Nov
Winston Price - Retired C/Supt.   Nov
Brenda Grant - Wife of retired Sgt. 2235 John (Jock) Grant   Nov
Muriel White - Widow of Insp. John White   Oct
Andrew Thomas 'Chi Chi'. Retired Pc   Sept
Robert James 'Bobby Bear'. Retired Pc 2102 Aberdare   Aug
Ann Good (formerly Ann Davies PC 4098G)   Aug
June Price - Formerly Pc 4020 G Div.   Jul
John Hunt Retired Pc   Jul
Dai Walters Retired Dog Handler   Jul
David B. MELLOR OBE Retired Deputy Chief Constable   Jul
PC 2478 Neil Thomas Webster, 77yrs of age   Jun
Mrs Valerie Cram (Her husband was traffic officer, the late PC 367 Mike Cram)   Jun
Steven Charles Coutanche (53 yrs) son of the late Phil Coutanche   Jun
Ivor Towy DAVIES, retired constable 410   Jun
Edward Leslie (Les) Taylor (97 years) Former Supt   Jun
Karl Landeg (Donny) 619   May
David Guy Retired Detective Constable 2277   Mar
Lyndon Phillips retired Police Constable 2689   Mar
Rachel Mary Baker (Nee Isaac) Wife of retired DC 2246 Cyril Baker, (SOCO)   Feb
Mrs Mary Batcup. Widow of retired Chief Inspector Stan Batcup   Feb
Mrs Pearl Michael, wife of retired Police Constable 2105 Siriol Michael   Feb
Mike Stevens - Former Chief Inspector   Dec
Moira, wife of retired Sgt Roy Pascoe.   Dec
Anne Clifford - Ex, retired SOCO and widow of the late Mike Clifford who died in November   Dec
Graham Mill, retired Police Constable 2083   Dec
Colin Wooldridge retired Detective Sergeant 2066   Dec
Peter Jenkins ex PC814 collator Port Talbot   Nov
Mrs Delyth Jones, wife of retired P.C. 218 Ralph Jones.   Nov
Mike Clifford, former Drug Squad, Dyfed Powys Police, and later South Wales Police Drug Squad and CID.   Nov
Mrs Noreen Thomas, widow of the late Detective Constable Keith (The Guardsman) Thomas.    
Mrs Barbara Guy, wife of retired Dc 2277 David Guy   Oct
Mrs Bette Edwards, aged 95. Mrs Edwards husband was a Mersyside officer   Oct
Jenny Troake (wife of member Mike Troake)   Oct
Mrs Cheryl Allsopp, wife of retired PS 636 Peter Allsopp.   Oct
Geraint Lewis, retired Detective Sergeant   Sept
Gethin Humphreys. Detective Constable 2553   Sept
Spence O'Connor, retired Detective Constable 2104.   July
Graham T. GEORGE aged 90 Retired Chief Inspector   July
Detective Constable 2551 Les Lewis
Les died, last night, 21st July, peacefully at his home after suffering from a long illness.
Les started his service as a cadet, and then in the Pontardawe section as a PC, before moving into CID whilst quite young in service. He worked Divisional CID for several years before moving to the Major Crime Unit. Towards the end of his service he worked in the Legal Services Department at HQ. On retirement he continued to work at The Legal Services Department as a civilian employee.

Retired Police Sergeant 743 Ken Jenkins. Aged 96 years of age and served for many years in the Neath area. Towards the end of his service he moved to Swansea and worked in the Prosecutions Department. He is the father of one of our members, Pauline Jones, widow of retired D.C. 2008 Hwyel Jones, and the grandfather of a serving officer Chris (C.J.) Jones.   June
Audrey Vincent nee Price - Aged 86 years. Former Swansea Borough Policewoman.   June
Retired Police Constable 2985 Ian Jones, better known to most as Tipster   May
Brian Richards (Retired Ps 2030) affectionately known as 'Jethro'.   9th May
Pauline, wife of Retired Inspector 2142 Haydn Brown   May
Carole Lempriere - Widow of Cardiff Police Officer Trevor Lempriere.
On Trevor's retirement, they moved to the Mumbles area of Swansea, and remained there.
Ray Day - Retired Ps 623 (94 years)   2nd April
Agnes Hughes - Wife of the late Larry Hughes   25th March
Kieron Jones aged 60 years   27th Feb
Peter Tovey, - Retired Police Constable 2210   29th Dec
Beryl Thomas, wife of the late, respected Hubert passed away at Hillside Nursing Home, Ffynone aged 90.   29th Dec
Retired DC 2065 Glen Gwilym - 89 years   12th Dec
Andrew Slade (Sladey) Retired P.C. 2489   6th Dec
Joyce Cutts
Wife of PS John Cutts, Gower Sergeant / Penllergaer Area Man
  3rd Nov
Retired Inspector 497 Mike Watts   8th Oct
John Ellis retired Police Sergeant 1154   28th Oct
George Bowen, retired Police Sergeant No 2322   24th Oct
John Ellis retired Sgt 1154   28th Oct
Retired Police Sergeant 671 Graham Davies   21st Oct
Mrs Gloria Peters passed away at Singelton Hospital, Swansea on Saturday 2nd October 2021, whilst suffering from Covid. She was the widow of P.C. 2039 Peters   2nd Oct
Mrs Anthea Morris, wife of retired Police Constable 1510 Neil Morris   Oct
Doctor Naldo Sartori
Son Dan is a GP in Swansea. Dan asked us pass the word to all Police Officers who knew his dad who was a much loved Police Surgeon for many years
Phillip John Coutanche (Phil) former sergeant 2318   2nd Sep
Retired Inspector 1109 Brian "BUTTY" Baynham. Brian was 84 years of age   Aug
Edwina Lilian Price
Edwina was the widow of the late David Elvet Price who was a former Detective Inspector in the Metropolitan Police. They were both of Welsh origin and retired to Sketty in 1984.
  23rd Aug
Esme Davies, widow of Dai Davies (Dai Bananas)   12th Jul
Ian Richards of Gorseinon Police Station   Jul
Pauline Aspell, widow of my father Bob Aspell, PC2045   Jul
Norman Abraham (Retired PS. SWP. WTS)   July
Retired Police Constable 1990 David Malcolm Evans ( Dai Check)   19th June
Mel Poole 2034 - Former Supt   16th May
Ret.PC 458 Ceri (Brains) BUFTON   7th May
John Price 2136, (Dog handler)   8th May
John WEMYSS, retired Police Sergeant 259   9th April
Larry HUGHES, retired Police Inspector   10th April
Bob Greenwood, a former Royal Marine, who joined South Wales Constabulary around 1970 as PC 303. He transferred to the British Transport Police a few years later and was known to serve in Swansea Docks, Cardiff and Newport.   April
Linda Weeks (wife of Wes Weekes)   17th March
Retired D.C. 2008 Hywel Jones.   25th March
Brian THOMAS Retired DC 804   16th March
Mike SMITH retired PC 1128 known to his friends as 'Metal Mickey'   March
Gareth Williams (1167 S.W.P.) (Ex. DS Swansea CID early 1980's)   21st March
Retired PC 332 Idris Morris Owen   8th March
Retired. PS 1219 Clive DAVIES and his wife Mrs. Mary DAVIES of Llewellyn Avenue, NEATH. Clive died on the 15th February, 2021 and Mary was admitted to hospital following news of Clive's death, she died in hospital on Saturday, 27th February, 2021.   15th Feb

27th Feb
Retired PS.1132 Keith James LEWIS
(affectionately known as Massa) of Cimla, Neath.
  3rd Feb
William Royston Evans known as Roy, former Inspector 2052   4th Feb
Mrs Morwena Arthur, aged 87. Mrs Arthur, wife of retired Sergeant Howard Arthur who retired from Pontardawe Station in 1980. (He is now 96 )   9th Feb
Roger Wedlake   28th Jan
Retired Supt. Trevor Morris.   Jan
Retired Chief Inspector Huw Samuel   11th Jan
Monica, dear wife of retired Superintendent Jeff Carroll   12th Jan
Police Constable 2021 Derek Michael   1st Jan
Anthony John (Tony) Thomas Ps 2531   12th Jan
Retired Inspector 907 Stan Connick   18th Nov
Retired C/Insp. 498 Jack Harris 86 years   26th Nov
Retired Inspector Stan Connick   `8th Nov
Ann Osborne, the wife of retired Inspector 969 Phil Osbourne   26th Nov
Peter Harry (2619) 67 years - Traffic Dept) and WACR   18th Oct
Marjorie Owen
Marjorie was the widow of Ex Swansea Sergeant Ken Owen
  7th Oct
Retired Insp 2288 - Alwyn Hughes   Sept
Retired PS 451 Alan RICHARDS of Malaga, Spain   Aug
Freda Williams (aged 88) Former C/Insp   6th Aug
Rod Williams former PC 2101   2nd Aug
Retired DS 986 William Roy JONES of Bridgend   22nd July
Hubert Thomas 2110 - aged 93 years   19th July
Bob Whitter-Jones (retired DS 2086)   15th June
Mrs Jean Morgan, widow of retired PS 2221 Stan Morgan   6th June
Huw Watkins (Retired Dc 2158)   28th May
Retired Inspector 2068 Des Edwards   22nd April
Retired Superintendent Allan Rees   22nd April
Margaret Thomas, widow of PC 2084 John Thomas   11th April
Mrs. Brenda THOMAS (Widow of the late Ret.Ch.Supt. Cenydd Thomas of Church Village. Cenydd   29th March
Mrs. Marjorie JONES of Baglan (the wife of Retired ACC N.Wales and Chief.Supt Swansea Central - until 1982, Graham JONES).   29th March
Retired Police Constable 2175 Viv Ash, aged 88   17th March
Retired 2169 Graham Williams.   20th Feb
David Thomas (Dai) Williams (1886)   March
Cerys John - wife of retired PC 1981 Clive (Culf) John   19th Feb
Retired Sergeant Bill (Derek) Sears   12th Feb
Ret D/Sgt Albert Gleaves.   12th Feb
Retired Sgt. Allan Davidson 68 years   17th Jan
Eric Place former Chief Supt - 94 years   16th Jan
Son of the late Alan Lloyd (Lloydy)
He shared his father's name, Alan. We are told he was 55 years old.
  3rd Jan
Albert Gleaves   13th Jan
PS Len Ley (Ystradgynlais) 89 years old.   24th Dec
Retired D.C. 2374 Michael Green (Greeno)   14th Dec
Mary Watkins, wife of retired DC 2158 Huw Watkins   16th Dec
Retired Ch.Insp. Raymond R. PEARCE   22nd Nov
Sonia wife of Dave Annis   16th Nov
Retired PC 1067 Allan Tudor EVANS   1st Nov
Mrs. Nancy NICHOLAS (widow of the late Ch.Supt. Phillip L. Nicholas)   1st Nov
PC 871 Haydn Evans   28th Oct
Jean, wife of Morry Addison   1st Nov
PC 2369 Edward (Eddy) Williams   Oct
Retired Police Constable 2239 Lyn Beynon, (sometimes affectionately known as George)   25th Sept
Rosemary Lewis passed away a few days ago.
Rosemary worked at both the old and new Swansea Central Police Stations for many years in a variety of roles which included the typing pool, ASU and Sub Divisional Office.
  15th Sept
Del Grace - widow of the late Fred (Traffic Dept)   3rd Sept
Retired Ex. Supt John Pickard   14th Aug
PC Terry Diaper   20th July
Colin Williams Retired P.C.2366   25th July
Retired PC1808 Ellis JAMES   22nd July
Retired PC 773 Ronald RICHARDSON   23rd July
Jill Weston, wife of Jeff   4th June
Retired Det.Insp.1193 Lawrence Peter WALSH (known by all as Peter)   17th May
Martha Beynon Martha was 100 years old last November and was the widow of Cliff Beynon   25th April
Marian, wife of John Driscoll   15th March
Jan Thomas wife of Keith   2nd March
Retired Detective Constable 2049 Ray Hubschmid   22nd Feb
Retired Ps 1085 William (Bill) Jones.   22nd Feb
Retired Police Constable 255 Bill Fraser.   20th Feb
Retired Detective Constable 523 Dick Owens   11th Feb
Retired PC Bernard Joseph EVANS former Dog handler   3rd Feb
Brian Glyn Jones - Retired Police Inspector (2279) and former Swansea Branch
Social Secretary of Narpo.
  26th Jan
John (Cheyanne) Williams   15th Jan
Marjorie Rees (widow of DC 2176 David Daniel Rees)   10th Jan
Retired Police Constable 2446 Paul Harris (affectionately known as MILGY)   7th Jan
Mrs. Jane BOULTON aged 103 years (widow of Ch.Supt. Sidney Boulton)   2nd Jan
Retired Insp. Matt Evans   Dec
Irene White former traffic warden Gorseinon 1970s early 1980s   10th Dec
Retired Insp. Robert (Bob) Holley.   15th Nov
Stuart Winks - former Chief Commandant of South Wales Special Constabulary   8th Nov
Retired Sergeant John Driscoll   28th Oct
Mr. Michael Holley (Force Photographer)   27th Oct
Ethel, widow of Dai Stokes   Oct
John Hoverstadt retired PC 2282   Sept
Retired Chief Inspector Phillip 'Phil' Every (69 years)   1st Sept
Mrs Josie Davies, (the wife of retired PC Glyn Walford Davies)   31st Aug
Jonathan "Jona" Bevan, son of our members Charlie and Pat Bevan   29th July
Retired PC Len Ballinger   13th July
Retired Chief Superintendent Keith Morgan   14th June
Retired PS. 844 Keith HEATLEY (aged 63 years)   18th May
Colin Williams, retired PC 2087   15th May
Retired Sgt 54 Cliff Lamburn   16th April
Retired Superintendent F. Brian DODGE (aged 89 years)   April
Raymond (Ray) Norwood   10th April
Retired Supt. William Ieuan PROSSER   15th Feb
Retired Det Insp Steve Cotterell   28th Feb
Retired PC 763 Alun J. Morgan   28th Feb
Barbara White (widow of Retired Inspector 2129 Peter "Chalky" White)   22nd Feb
Retired Inspector Dick Phillips   20th Feb
Retired Superintendent 2033 Jeff Stephens   8th Feb
Retired Supt. William Ieuan PROSSER   15th Feb
Jean (aged 87 years) widow of the late Tom (Tom the Dog) Evans   13th Feb
Retired. DC. Gerald McCORMACK ("Mack")   5th Feb
Retired Police Constable 2045, Robert (Bob) Aspell   Jan
Ian Webb formerly of Regional Crime Squad   Dec
Retired Police Sergeant 2642 Geoff Richards.   11th Dec
Mrs. Gaynor HARRIS (wife of Ret.Supt. Ivor Harris)   25th Nov
Aubrey Oliver (retired Police Constable 2100)   27th Nov
Mrs Shirley Hamer, widow of retired Police Constable 2214 Eufryn HAMER   28th Oct
Police Constable 277 Mike Kersey passed away earlier today   19th Nov
Marlene Williams, widow of the late Mansel Williams.   Nov
Retired Inspector William Rowlands aged 97 years.   Nov
Ret. Ch. Supt. Earnest (Ernie) SANGER (aged 89 years)   10th Nov
Ann, wife of Malcolm Humphreys   4th Nov
David Griffiths ex 2166 (146) 94 years   2nd Nov
Hilda Williams, wife of retired PC2067 Colin (Butty) Williams   Oct
Ex. Ps 2337 Byron GALE   11th Oct
Ret. Ch.Supt. Ronald COULSON   28th Sept
Retired Constable 1279 Adrian Phillip Ivor Whitchurch   23rd Sept
PC 2044 Ieuan John (Western Traffic Sector)   25th Sept
Pat Doherty (70 years) ex Typist at Swansea Central ASU   22nd Sept
Lynne Protheroe (nee Thomas) wife of Jerry Protheroe.   22nd Sept
Pamela Evans - wife of Islwyn   18th Sept
Ex. Pc 587 Brian Hogarth   Sept
Retired PS 127 Thomas Charles Illtyd JONES (aged 91 years)   Sept
Retired P.C. 2187 Tom (The Dog) EVANS. He was aged 86.
Tom gained his nickname by rescuing a dog trapped on a ledge of a quarry in the
Mount Pleasant area many years ago.
Pc 2334 Paul Bond   19th Aug
Ex-DC John Cherry aka JC   16th Aug
John Thirlwell - Swansea Borough and Traffic Dept.   9th Aug
Howell Rees (Ex. retired C/I at Gorseinon Police Station)   28th July
Ret.Supt. Michael (Mike) PETT   28th July
Jonathon (Jon) - Son of Gerwyn Parry   15th July
Zona Jones - widow of the late PC 2168 Dyson Jones.   16th July
Peter Healey   16th June
Mrs Dilys Beynon, wife of Retired P.C. Lyn Beynon,   16th July
Ex.Supt. David Gwyn BLETHYN aged 84 years   29th June
Retired Inspector 926 William ‘Bill’ Raikes of Penyfai, Bridgend after a long illness. He was 83 yrs of age.   24th June
Ret.Insp No. 72 Aneurin BEALING   10th June
David Gwynfor REES (Rtd. Dyfed Powys Police) (Dai Dogs) 83 years   8th June
Retired Inspector 2271 David Salter   29th/30th May
PC 49 Jeff Tuckett Traffic Dept   13th May
Ret. PC 267 Morris Alan Duncan DOWNES   5th May
Retired Pc Phil Porter, retired Dog Handler   April
Police Constable (1196) Ian George husband of Fran.   29th March
Retired Detective Sergeant Dai Lewis - Ex. SX Borough then RCS Dyfed Powys   March
Barrie Higgins, retired Inspector   6th March
PC 294 Basil Freeman   12th Feb
Roy Blackmore, retired Warrants Officer,   7th Feb
Retired PS 825 Derick Anthony SHADRACK   16th Jan
Idris Keefe brother of Don Keefe   Jan
Norman Hathaway   30th Dec
John Gravell (Young John)   27th Dec
Retired PC 2400 Adrian Jenkins, (known affectionately as "Bucket").   Dec
Retired PC 1211 Quentin LEWIS (aged 72 years)   11th Dec
Barbara Ann Crocker (Nee McCarthy) wife of Adrian Crocker   10th Dec
John Rosser MBE   7th Dec
Rev. Edward Richie OSBORNE (retired Police Constable)   1st Dec
Retired Police Constable 528 Douglas (Doug) Fraser MACDUFF-SPENCER   15th Nov
PS 128 Dai Harris of Western Traffic   18th/19th Nov
Retired Det.Ch.Insp. James Colin EDMUNDS (aged 84 years) of North Cornelly.   4th Nov
Anne Davies widow of ex PC 2082 Gordon Davies and although not a member of Narpo, had a great connection to the Police service. Her son Charlie (2069) was a PC; her daughter Julie worked at Cockett Police Station, and married PS Peter Hall (the tall one).   22nd Oct
PC 3038 John Davoren   Oct
Retired PC 756 Thomas Clive RICHARDS (aged 83 years)
Clive ('Top Cat' or 'TC' as he was known by friends and colleagues
  27th Sept
Retired Supt. John Cornelius EVANS (Force No: 97) He was 88 years of age.   Sept
Alan Davies (2315)   22nd July
Andrea - Daughter-in-law of Adrian Crocker - wife of retired officer Philip Crocker   July
Fred Grace - Ex. Swansea & Traffic Department - Aged 90 years   19th July
Retired Supt. Philip Lyn NICHOLAS   17th June
Neath retired officer - Mr. Bill HARTWELL   25th June
Mrs Ann Daniels - widow of the late PS Joe (The Big Fella) Daniels, and mother of serving police officers, DS Steve Daniels, of Swansea CID and PC Roy Daniels of the Metropolitan Police.   9th June
PC 2242 John Gronow - Was in the Traffic Dept before joining SOCO   May
Lee Griffiths - Wife of Police Constable Steve Griffiths (1360) in Swansea back in the 70s.   22nd April
Former SOC DS 2573 Lyn Hugh Davies (Cockett)   23rd April
Wayne BAKER - Aberdare - Police Federation   24th April
Mrs Mair Rees, wife of retired Chief Inspector Howell Rees   19th April
Retired Superintendent Ronald E. LEYSHON   10th April
Beryl Williams - widow of Wally   23rd March
Gladys Spencer beloved wife of Doug Spencer (Gorseinon)   15th March
Susan, wife of Alwyn Edwards   March
Retired PC 1661 Mike Lewis.   March
Nesta Sanger - wife of former C/Supt Ernie Sanger   5th March
Ex. PC 599 Elwyn ROSSER   29th Feb
Mrs Phyllis HICKS, who was the widow of retired PC 133 Les HICKS.
Les spent most of his service in the Traffic department, but move to Swansea for his last few years.
  12th Feb
Ex. Supt. Graham Harling   10th Feb
Retired Constable Mike Beach   Feb
Retired Inspector 1041 John Kevin Walsh ( Kevin )   28th Jan
Jeffrey Williams son of the late John Gower Williams   26th Jan
Associate Member Clive Walton - Clive joined the Swansea Borough Force in 1956 as a Cadet Clerk and 1959 was appointed as a Constable .He worked as Uniform Patrol Constable and Sergeant in Swansea and Neath. He left the Force in about 1972 to become a College Lecturer.   11th Jan
Retired Police Sergeant 335 Gary Thurlow   9th Jan
Pat Vivash - Burt Special Branch   23rd Dec
Jill Lloyd (Jill from the hill). Previously a cleaner at Central and the old fire station, a real character. Survived by her husband David.   Dec
Kirsten Jodi Grice - 36 years. Barry Grice's (PC54/2074) youngest daughter   30th Dec
Peter White   17th Dec
Audrey JONES - ex Ds who worked in the Port Talbot, Neath and Swansea areas as well as the RCS. (And Dyfed Powys Police prior to this)   8th Dec
Wally Gale - Warrants Officer Morriston Police Station [retired]   11th Nov
ROBERTS John Islwyn Retired Police Inspector (Gorseinon)   1st Dec
CARTER Robert Geddes (Bob) Retired Police Constable 154 of Swansea Borough Police and Retired Police Constable 2174 South Wales Constabulary.   22nd Nov
Wally Gale - Warrants Officer Morriston Police Station [retired]   11th Nov
Wendy Murray who died on Saturday 14th November at her home surrounded by her family. She was Bill Gordge's daughter,   14th Nov
RITCHIE LEWIS (1696) (aka Ritchie judo)   10th Nov
David Gould (84 years Widower) Swansea Borough 115   22nd Oct
Mrs. Edna KENNARD Barry area prior to joining the Met's   11th Oct
Dorothy Davies, widow of Jeff Davies   11th Oct
Miss Ellalene (Ellie) WILSON-PARTON (92 years) Welsh Special Branch   5th Oct
Norman BOWEN, Ex Swansea Borough Police Officer and County Safety Officer   29th Sept
Louise Shepherd She was 90 years old and the widow of Laurie Shepherd, the former Commandant of the No.8 Police Training Centre at Cwmbran.   26th Sept
Former Secretary Charlie Paice   12th Sept
Gareth Jones (Ex PS 2051)   11th Sept
THOMAS David Maldwyn (Mal) Thomas 93 years   30th Aug
Detective Constable David (Dai) Lean (aged 69 years)   Aug
Detective Inspector Roger Jones,   26th Aug
Ken Gummery (Dog Section)   Aug
John Gower Williams (Force Number 2136 ( Swansea no 216)   2nd Aug
Chris Evans nee Breach.   16th July
Nicola (Mike Watts daughter) 43 years   6th July
John Hammond 74 years Retired from ASU Swansea   11th June
Robert (Robbie) Burns   13th June
Ex. Inspector David Davies Gorseinon 1968 and Traffic Dept   7th June
Gwyn Watkins Swansea Borough Force as uniform patrol and Traffic Officer.   15th May
Retired Police Sergeant 2060 Mike Godrich M.B.E.   11th April
Retired Ch. Supt. Eirfryn DAVIES.   April
Ex. Det.Supt. Ron DAVIES RCS   26th March
Retired Superintendent Joseph Samuel e Trigg   30th March
Brian Frame 83 years   25th March
Retired PS. Colin PULLMAN (Traffic Dept)   March
Retired constable Alan Hatch Cardiff PLUS N0 8 RCS   16th March
Geoffrey Clarke Retired Ex. SWP and Security Guard with Fords, Swansea   10th March
Det Sgt Brian Cottell. Worked in Cardiff plus PNC Bureau at Bridgend   March
Retired Constable Judith (Jude) Parkhouse   16th March
Mrs. Ann Patricia JONES (nee Pattie MORGAN) of Porthcawl.   18th Feb
Retired Constable John Tuck. (PC29)   March
Retired Ch. Supt. Cenydd J.P. THOMAS MBE. QPM   24th Feb
Det Sgt Brian Cottell. Brian worked in WCRO in Cardiff as well as the PNC Bureau in Bridgend. It is believed Brian originally came from Rhodesia.   Feb
Mrs. Joyce LADD of 58, Lake Road, Aberavon, Port Talbot SA12 6AW. Joyce was the widow of Ex.PS. Stan Ladd who died in 2008.   Feb
Cliff Simons   Feb
DC 2176 David REES   15th Feb
Bob Evans, former Deputy Chief Constable and Acting Chief Constable   6th Feb
Mrs. Edna Rose RICHARDS (wife of Ex.PC 756 Thomas Clive Richards) of 4, High Terrace, Newquay, Pembroke.   31st Jan
Maggie Kite (Dorothy Margaret Kite)
Station enquiry clerks at Cockett Police Station. Her father was Les Dimock, a PC in the Borough Force.
  26th Jan
2084 John Thomas John was an ex Swansea Borough Officer and served in the Swansea and Morriston areas, and also at Western Area Control Room.   3rd Feb
Peter Richard Jones - Ex PC 2107 (Swansea)   4th/5th Feb
Mrs. Jacqueline FRANCIS 59 years (wife of Ex.PC 1928 Derek Frances (Dog Section))   21st Jan
Retired Inspector, William Grey Collins (Bill)   29th Jan
Colin Evans (ACC Retired)   24th Jan
Alan Christopher Edward Lloyd M.B.E (Lloydy) 76 years   25th Jan
Ex.PC.341 Graham T. SMITH   20th Jan
Ex. Ch. Supt Ivor H. HEATLEY   Jan
Mrs. Doreen WHITING (widow of Ex.Inspector John Whiting   2nd Jan
PC Andrew (Andy) McMillan (Traffic and Motorway)   6th Jan
Ex Detective Inspector Eric BIRD   23rd Dec
Ken Lewis ex Detective Superintendent   22nd Dec
Joan Abraham, the wife of ex-Chief Supt. Derek Abraham   18th Dec
Mrs. Barbara JONES (aged 91 years), widow of Ex.PC Ian Jones   16th Dec
Mrs. Joan BLETHYN, wife of former Supt. Dai Blethyn.   Dec
Emma Williams (formerly Pc 4242) wife of retired Pc 91 Ian Williams   Dec
Margaret Harrigan   Dec
Margaret Hopkins widow of Dai Hopkins   ?
Alan Tooby   ?
Trevor Lempriere   ?
Margaret Hopkins, the widow of ex Chief Inspector Dai Hopkins   Nov

Ex.PC Gerry TAYLOR Jerry was a PC/DC in and around the Pontypridd area for all his service and was the PC's representative on the Federation for a number of years. Upon retirement he took-up employment with the Federation at Briton Ferry and advised many of our members on various issues.

  25th Nov
Ex.PC. 75 William Ivor CROMPTON   19th Nov
Ex-Inspector Graham Lewis   8th Nov
GREY Bernard George (Retired Civilian Driver South Wales Police and Uncle Bernard Treforys) Tiny Tots. Bernard was well known and liked by Swansea based officers.   30th Oct
Ex. PC. Derrick DEWHURST   13th Oct
Christine Tilley, wife of Ken, in Spain where they now live.   1st Oct
John (Jake) Ellis retired Cardiff City Police Officer   Oct
PC Geoff Cole   9th Sept
Mrs Joan Thomas Joan was married to David Thomas, Force No. 480 (known to many as ARW Dai), and had been employed, initially with Glamorgan Constabulary and latterly South Wales Police, in a civilian capacity for in excess of thirty years. She worked in Port Talbot Police Station until the Complaints and Discipline Department was formed, working out of Skewen Police Station from where she retired on ill health in 2003.

Joan was an extremely popular member of staff, well liked by all her colleagues, and will be greatly missed by all her friends. (Wynne Thomas)
  31st Aug
Ex Ch.Insp. Roger BRENT passed away after a long illness. He leaves a widow Barbara.Roger was well known to many throughout his service, serving in the Traffic Department.Training and Driving School.

Following his retirement he became very much involved with NARPO and took a very active part on the Committee and was elected to the post of Treasurer, which he held between 2001 and 2012, when illness forced him reluctantly to relinquish the roll, although he remained very active on the Committee and was a source of knowledge many of us relied on. (Allan Crocombe)
  27th Aug
Ex.Insp. Terry SQUIRES of Pontyclun.   22nd Aug
Retired sergeant 2245 Graham "GINGER" Davies. Graham was 81 years of age. He is survived by his wife Ellen. Graham served all his service in Swansea, as a detective constable in various CID departments and as a uniform Sergeant at Cockett.   22nd August
Ex. Chief Inspector William T. BROWN (known to all as "Bill") (Rhondda)   13th Aug
Mrs Marlene Loader GRIFFITHS (the wife of Ex.Insp Alun Griffiths)   30th July
Retired Police Inspector Brian Welch on 28th July. Our condolences are conveyed to his wife Rose and all of the family. Brian was 81 years old - He joined the Swansea Borough Force in 1953 after finishing his National Service. All of Brian's service was in the Swansea City area where he worked as Uniform Patrol as Constable and Sergeant and also as Detective Constable and Detective Sergeant ; prior to that he worked on the Railways

He served as part of the Brtish Police Force Contingent in Cyprus during the troubles . He prematurely retired in 1977 as a Patrol Inspector due to severe ill health problems. (He leaves a wife Rose and 2 stepsons Bryan and Stephen Heard) Bryan is a serving Inspector in the South Wales Force. As Ray Norwood has emailed, "Brian will be remembered as as a tough guy to be up against, always a good guy to have on on your side. "
  28th July
Margaret Jean John the wife of PC 2044 Ieuan John   8th July
Former Inspector Geoffrey Davies   30th June
Retired Sergeant Tim Davies   29th June
Edna Jenkins (Mother of Peter Jenkins) She was a member of NARPO and Bryon Tucker and his wife gave her a NARPO presentation on her 100th Birthday last September, 2013   23rd June

Ex.PC. Trevor WILKINS of 5, Fford yr Ywen, The Coppice, Tonteg, Pontypridd. CF38 1PL, following a long illness. He leaves a wife Frances.

Trevor was a Traffic Cop through and through working out of Treforest for many years. He was an active member of the NARPO Glamorgan Committee, were his jokes and forthright contributions will be sorely missed. (Allan Crocombe)

  9th June
Ex.PS. Nigel Harry EVANS (Cardiff)   22nd May
Mrs Barbara Jean DOLE, widow of Ex.PC. Wyndham Dole.   27th May
Glyn Pockett He was 96 years old. Glyn retired as a Superintendent and will also be remembered for his major contribution to police sport, as the force welfare officer and for teaching literally hundreds of police officers' children ( mine included ) to swim at Guildford Crescent baths. He organised the Police Ball at the City Hall for many years and was a life member and Vice-President of NARPO Cardiff Branch. ( Alan Greaves)   29th May
Gaynor Anthony, wife of Brian Anthony ex CID   5th May

Pamela Williams - widow of Ex Chief Insp Elwyn Williams (Swansea Borough)

Pamela lived in Alderney (Channel Islands) and a few years ago she donated copies of "To Guard My People" (Large PDF file) and "Luftwaffe over Swansea" to our Branch.

Mrs. Edna CROCKETT (wife of Graham)   April
Ex.DC. Patrick George ASTON of Llantwit Major. Patrick worked in Barry CID for many years until his retirement   19th April

Ex.PC. David DAVIES aged 79years, of 21, Gelli Fron, Gelli, Rhondda CF41 7NS after a long illness.

David was a Royal Marine before joining the Police Service. He served in Maesteg,Tonyrefail, Gelli and Ton Pentre Police Stations during his service and retired in the early 1980's. It is understood that he was an active member of the Rhondda NARPO Group, regularly attending their meetings until his recent illness prevented his attendance.

  15th April
Gerald (Gerry) Hamilton Davies, retired Chief Inspector Cardiff   2nd April
Ex.Insp Roy SHANKLAND   18th March
Audrey Jones, Audrey was 82 years of age and was the wife of Idwal Jones, former National President of Narpo.   9th March
Glenys Parry (widow of Ralph Parry - Pc 145   7th March
Trevor Davies (Ex. 2091) He was a widower and we have no information as to other members of the family. Trevor joined the Swansea Borough Force in in about 1946/7 - he retired in 1977. He served in the city centre and the old Swansea West 'B' Division both as a constable and a Sergeant He was a firm but fair man, well respected and popular with his colleagues of all ranks. He will be well remembered for his perpetual greeting "Hello lovely boy"
  26th Feb
Ron STILLMAN of Bridgend. Force Number was 688   Feb
Cardiff City officer Bernard Goddard   25th Feb
Eirlys, wife of Keith Carne   20th Feb
Ex.DC. Peter Benbow - Merthyr Tydfil   19th Feb
Pamela Reed, widow of Billy   16th Feb
Mrs Lilian Morris, late husband of Inspector Gwyn Morris   Feb
Brian Genner, retired Chief Inspector   17th Jan
Mary Joanna 'Joan' MacCormack - widow of Alexander 'Lexie'   16th Jan
Ex PC 58 - Swansea Borough   16th Jan
Ex.Ch. Supt.Gwynfryn JONES   5th Jan
Doug Shilton   Dec
Alex Finlay, former D.C   Dec
Kath - wife of Brian Frame   4th Dec
Mrs. Nancy SQUIRES the widow of Ex.Ch Supt Philip Clive Squires   21st Nov
Kenneth Bishop   17th Nov
Peter J Codd - Ex - Pc 1232 Retired Officer Neath/Port Talbot   19th Nov
Keith Roderick (Retired Chief Inspector)
An Obituary from Keith's son, Ian.
Initially, Dad was Petty Officer in the Merchant Navy.
Pc 273 B div Swansea Borough, joined August 1964.
Served in car and metal squad, divisional CID, Serious Crime Squad and No. 8RCS as Det Sgt.
Uniform Inspector in Pontardawe and Morriston before going to ARG at HQ.

Prosecutions Inspector in OSU Swansea and promoted to Ch Insp 'G' before finally retiring in February 1996.
Later served for a time as launching officer at Horton/Port Eynon life boat. Proud to have had the opportunity to serve alongside him for a short time in Swansea (apart from when he bounced my files)

Ian Roderick
  10th Nov
Ex.Ch.Supt. John OLIVER   5th Nov
Ex.PC.558 Albert Bernard MONKHOUSE   3rd Nov
Mrs. Carrie LEE the widow of Ex.Deputy Chief Constable Kenneth G. Lee   2nd Nov
Ex.Ch.Insp. Frederick H. LEWIS   1st Nov
Mrs Glenys Bright, the widow of the late Inspector Fred Bright.   25th Oct
Byron Mugford   15th Oct
Mike Kruck   18th Oct
Ex. Ps 1424 Will Thomas   13th Oct
Retired Chief Inspector Martin McCarthy   9th Sept
Eryl Jenkins Nee Skyrme   21st Sept
Richard (Dick) Ward   Sept
Mrs Patricia Irene Evans the much respected and well-loved wife of our President (of Narpo) Eric Evans.   5th Sept
Trevor Price 84 years, a former traffic officer and d/c in the car and metal squad.   7th Sept
Sheila 'Joan' ANTHONY - beloved wife of Ex.PS. Roy Anthony   26th Aug
Sylvia Davies who was the first serving female officer in the Swansea Borough during World War II. She was known then as Sylvia Jenkins and her collar number was 4. She was 93 years old.   10th Aug
Billy Samuels (ex PC 1913)   9th Aug
Pam Bryant, nee Hoskins   6th Aug
Ex.DS. Clive John LLEWELLYN   29th July
Billy Reed Ex. PC 66   July
P.C. Alfred 'John' Hughes   July
Ex.Supt Thomas William WHITEFOOT   21st July
Les Hicks   19th July
June EVANS, beloved wife of Roy (32)   8th July
Ex.P.C Timothy Simon Patrick SMITH   July
Marg ELLERY the beloved wife of the late Jake   25th June
Ex.PC. 234 Evan Vivian TANNER (Maesteg)   25th June
Ex.P.C. Frederick John CROSS   17th June
Ex. PC 2614 Dick Thomas   11th June
Jeremy Weston, a serving police officer at Swansea, the son of retired Inspector Jeff Weston   15th May
George Brinkworth (Cardiff)   13th May
Jordana Thomas - daughter of Graham and Sheran   3rd May
Phyllis Phillips (Wife of Grey Phillips)   14th April
Brian W. Clemett (Clem) Ex. Pc at Pontypridd   14th April
Paul Raymond Edwards - Ex. Swansea Officer   April
Mair - Widow of Les Williams   11th April
Mrs A.M Mathews - Widow of the late Ch.Insp Harold Mathews   7th April
David William LEWIS - Ex. PS 969   23rd Mar
Norman Hopkins - Ex. Det.Insp   31st Mar
Gary WATKINS - P.S. 2300   18th Mar
Stuart SHARP - Ex. Pc 422   10th Mar
Hedley James Onions - Ex. Insp   7th Mar
John THOMAS Ex.PS. 383   3rd Mar
Tom Edwards - former Gower Policeman   7th Mar
Wynne Emrys ROSSER - Ex.Ch.Insp.   28th Feb
John Emlyn GROVES - Ex.P.S   27th Feb
Jim Herbert - Retired Police Sergeant G Division   3rd Feb
Mrs Maureen Thomas - widow of Pc Ray Thomas   Jan
Mrs Kathleen Banfield - widow of the late Alec   18th Jan
Mrs Pauline Thomas (nee Smale) widow of Ex. C/Insp Ieuan Thomas   10th Jan
Evan Hugh Morgan Ex. Ps 325   9th Jan
Mrs Mary Joyce REES (the widow of Ex.Ch.Insp Llewellyn REES   24th Dec
Mrs Gill Williams (Wife of Ex. Ps 1047 Tony Williams)   16th Dec
Mrs. Miriam Evans (Widow of Ex.Ch.Insp. Tom Evans   13th Dec


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