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Loughour Town Band Concert 2018


Age Positive Week - I would be grateful if you you could circulate the following to your branch members please. Could I ask that any responses go directly to the contact details as shown on the email from Age Cymru.

Kind regards
Phil Hopkins

Age Positive Week  

Celebrate Age Positive Week With us - 30 September – 7 October 2018 

Join us to celebrate Age Positive Week, our national celebration of all that’s positive about ageing.

Last year, Age Positive events were held across the country by organisations, businesses, clubs, care homes, forums, theatres and individuals. 

More than 60 different activities were registered with us, from boules and indoor golf to creative writing sessions, film screenings, tea afternoons and open days. These, combined with events organised by Age Cymru, led to a fantastic celebration of ageing enjoyed by hundreds of people across Wales. 

If you're organising an event that week for older people, why not promote it as Age Positive Week. We'll add your event onto our calendar.

To register your event, either email or complete our online form -

Kathy Lye
Engagement Support Coordinator
Cynorthwydd Cefnogi Ymgysylltu. Tel: 029 2043 1570

 We're on Facebook and Twitter  

We welcome correspondence in Welsh or English - * Scams summit - Last few places available *

The Wales Against Scams Partnership (WASP) would like to invite you to a national Scams Summit on 28 September 2018 at the Liberty Stadium, Swansea. Book your place today to avoid disappointment.


Coffee morning - Friday 21st September
Just a few lines to let you know that the September coffee morning will be held next Friday, 21st September at the usual place, Tapestri, in the old Swansea Central Police Staion, Alexandra Road, Swansea, between 10.30am to 12mid day. Tea coffee and biscuits are provided free of charge, so why not come along for a chat, and a chance to meet up with old colleagues and friends. Last month we had a record number of members attending, so hopefully we will have as many, and perhaps more, this month.

Cheryl and I will be on holiday, so will not be there. As Cheryl usually takes photos for the website and Facebook (and police wanted posters) we really need one of you who will be attending to take a few photos this month. Hopefully at least one of you will get your phone out and take a few photos.

Swansea NARPO(98)
14th Sept

Coffee Mornings reminder - just turn up - enjoy your coffee/ tea and biscuits and have a chat  at the Tapestri Café/ Bar (old CPS) in Alexandra Road  between 10.30am and 11.30am on the 3rd Friday of the month.  Our next dates are 20th July, 18th August, 21st September, 19th October and 16th November 2017. There will be no Coffee Morning in December. Facebook, website and Email reminders will be sent.

Social Events - Christmas Shopping Trip and Christmas Dinner 2018
Make sure you place an entry in your diaries! Places are filling up fast - don't lose out!
More details here...

New Photographs available to view below
Select links of your choice - Updated 14th September 2018

Coffee Mornings - New page
More to follow
Golf competition May 2018
Part 1
Part 2


Pay rise 2018The Government announced a 2% pay ‘award’ back in July - ignoring the Police Remuneration Review Body (PRRB) recommendations for the second year running.

From 1 September 2018 officers in England and Wales will see an insulting £2.50 increase in their pay a week!

More here...


Committee changes – following recent changes, your committee is now as follows:

Brian Davies (Chairman) Phil Taylor (Secretary) Gerry Coad (Treasurer) and– Jeff Davies- Erika Fowler- Mike Green -Tony Imlach- Barrie Lewis - David Rees- Bryon Tucker- Bob Whitter-Jones – Stuart Yeandle.

Allan Rees has stepped down due to personal commitments and we thank him for his efforts particularly as our liaison with invitations concerning Armed Forces etc.  We welcome Mike Green to the Committee and Mike will be arranging our social trips as well as taking over Allan’s duties.

Our next Committee Meeting will on Monday 8thOctober 2018.
Please contact any Committee Member or our Secretary Phil Taylor on Tel: 01792 842378 or email if you want any issue raised.

Attention subscribers

If you are a TESCO.NET subscriber, and currently receive your Swansea Narpo news bulletins to an email address ending please note. We have been advised that will cease operating as of 27th June 2018.​

This will mean that unless our members with such accounts create a new email account with a different provider and update us with the details of the new email address they will no longer be able to receive the e-bulletin service.

Should any member wish advice regarding this issue please do not hesitate to get in touch.

You can read a little bit more on the Tesco website address.
May 3rd 2018
(Originally posted by Cardiff Narpo)

Old Photographs - our treasure trove of old Swansea Police photographs is in need of some new items - contributions have virtually dried up.  If you also have in your possession some old photographs that are not in good condition- perhaps cracked or blemished - our new Committee Member Mike Green can enhance the quality considerably. If you have such items. You can contact Mike by Email : and he will advise accordingly.

Update: 17th May - Photo Repair. Please do not use shown phone number on the Summer Newsletter but email me instead - with highest quality scan that you can do. Or, send the original to my address (Please email me for the address) I will respond straight away. Mike Green

Website/Newsletters by Email - our rolling programme on this is progressing well but it is vital that we have your correct email addresses. If you are not yet receiving your copy of the news letter by Email only and you wish to change to that method, then send Phil Taylor an Email to and he will arrange it. This saves us postage costs and gives you a much better presentation in colour etc.

Our rolling programme continues its onward march and we appreciate your cooperation. The Branch funds are now benefitting as a result. All e mails are sent via BCC (Blind copy) so that members e-mail details will not be shown on any one else’s e-mail, thus protecting their privacy. If you are receiving the Newsletter by Email and by post could you please contact Phil Taylor to let him know that you are content to receive the e mail copy only?

NARPO Travel Insurance   Members of the Travel Scheme have recently seen a large increase in their annual renewal, the letter below from AXA tries to answer the question of the large hike in renewal. Prior to the renewal negotiations for the coming year, AXA PPP Healthcare conducted an exercise to look at the profitability of the scheme from their perspective. They discovered that last year the loss ratio of the scheme was 130%. This means that for every £1 they received in terms of premium they paid out £1.30 in terms of claims. Numerous claims have been over £100,000. Obviously, this is not a sustainable situation, and AXA PPP initially proposed an increase of 35% for the coming year. We managed to limit the increase to 26%, but we realise that this still represents a sizeable increase.
The scheme continues to offer medical history disregarded underwriting terms, no age limit (if joining before 85), and generous package of benefits, but these attributes have undoubtedly also contributed to the loss.
Having looked for viable alternatives, we have discovered that this scheme continues to represent a good deal for NARPO members, but if members can source an alternative for themselves, then they can cancel within 14 days of the renewal date. I hope that this helps clarify the situation.

Harry McGimpsey Senior Healthcare Partner

New Members - Welcome to: Tony Powe - Tracey Jones-Jane Nicholas.

Bereavements Condolences to the family of Colin Williams - Keith Morgan - Len Ballinger and "Jonjo" Bevan
(son of Members Charlie and Pat)

Ill HealthIll Health - 4th Sept - Our fellow committee member Tony Imlach has been released from hospital following an operation and is recovering. We wish him a rapidly improving comfortable recovery.

14th July - John Hovestadt in Hospital. John was very poorly as a result of his medication and has been admitted to Ward 12 at Singleton Hospital, where that particular medicine has been stopped. He is rather weak and visitors are not advised. Hopefully he will be put on some more sympathetic medicine, and soon be well enough to return home.

18th June - Hi Bryon, just to let you know that Barbara was hospitalised for a knee replacement May 22nd - 24th. She is making good progress in her recovery and has posted her experience on the Narpo facebook site.
Roger Bevan

14th May - Bob Morris has had an unpleasant few days in Heath Hospital Cardiff - he is however on the mend and is hoping to return home later today.

13th May - Get well soon to Jill, wife of (Dai Check) who has very recently undergone a knee replacement.

Also to, Adrian Crocker- John Hovestadt - Graham Davies-David Thomas.

Special Birthday

Congratulations to those with Special Birthdays in the coming months; in the next few months to - Barry Grice, June Price, Will Thomas, Christine Harris, Jim Kolar, Vera Tucker, Winston Price, Sheila Jones, Patricia White, David Scourfield, Tony Popple, Pat Johnson, Phil Noble, Bob James and Stephen Griffiths.

Also best wishes to Tony and Gwyneth Gill on their Golden Wedding.

Committee next meeting will be on Mon 30th April 2018. Please contact any Committee Member or the Secretary Phil Taylor on Tel: 01792 842378 or email to let us know if you want any issue raised.

Thank You for your interest during 2017 a year in which our Swansea Branch Membership has reached an all-time high of 544 which obviously increases our administrative workload but we do not mind that as it is encouraging for us to know that the interest is there and the Branch has a secure future.

Social Matters - Again thanks to those of you who support our various functions -

Newsletters/Emails (Spring 2018) This is the first issue to be hard printed in colour and this should be repeated at least throughout 2018. For those who opt for email versions it is vital that we have your correct email addresses.
Many of you will be aware that Narpo HQ at Wakefield have enhanced their computer whereby multiple emails e.g. Newsletter or matters that affect the whole membership can be sent directly from them – an example is the item on Pensions. There were teething problems with this new system – mainly members with a British Telecom email address were receiving the same message repeatedly for a few days. This has now been resolved.

Communication via computers are now part and parcel of everyday life so it is essential that we have your current email address - if you have doubts on any of this then please contact our Sec Phil Taylor by e mail on

Website appeal - Our Website continues to flourish, is well visited and complemented by our Facebook page 'Swansea Narpo'. We are confident though there must be many photographs and interesting/amusing anecdotes from 'your time in the job'. So, please do feel free to contribute and get in touch - you can of course remain anonymous if you so wish! We also welcome any suggestions you may have for improving 'your' website.

Difficulty opening our Newsletters - We are aware that some of you may still be experiencing problems when opening Newsletters. The Newsletter is created using Microsoft Word but not everyone has this program installed, so to get around this issue, the document is sent out as a PDF file which can then be opened and read using the FREE program Adobe Acrobat Reader. Be very careful though when about to install because the 'optional offer' boxes are already ticked. To disable, just untick the 2 boxes before installing. We hope this clarifies things but of course should you have further questions then please feel free to contact us.

Jeff Davies
Website Officer

Travel Services Offered - Hi, my name is Christina and I’m a Travel Counsellor In my ‘former life’ I was a Police Officer for 13 years in South Wales. In 2014, my husband Andy retired from South Wales Police and we bought a round the world ticket and went exploring for a year. On our return, we decided I should set up my own business doing what I love and bought a franchise in Travel Counsellors.
You can read about all I have offer right here...
8th Feb 2017


Facebook Remember, for up to date news between Newsletters just log in to our website at or/and for those of you on Facebook, we also have our very own Facebook page. If you are not already a member and wish to join, please send a request.

Now for the 'boring small print' - It's a closed group and we have the following ground rules:

Our ground rules - This Facebook page is open for all to view, Membership is restricted to retired and serving officers, and support staff, their relatives, close friends, and any member of the greater Police family. It aims to keep us all in touch with each other and to share news, views and events. Please keep it light-hearted. Any unsuitable comments/derogatory/character assassinations etc will be deleted.

Friends can only add new members with Admin approval. We have already had several requests from people wishing to become members who have been unable to justify their connection to the Police family, and they have been rejected. Also, please, no business advertising is allowed; there are already opportunities on our website to advertise for a small cost, on an annual basis which includes an entry in our quarterly newsletter.

If you are a member please do not hesitate to post any news, events or anecdotes that you would like to share with ex colleagues. We also welcome photographs for this Facebook page and our website, helping to keep everything fresh and interesting. Thank you all for your support and submitions to date. It's very much appreciated, thank you.

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