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Police Stations (Old & New) Halberdiers over the years
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Golf Day 2018 - Part 2 Norton House Summer Lunch August 2018
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Police Officers on duty in Swansea.
Here are some further contributions sent to us by Peter Hall - January 2019.
The officer on point duty (about 1960's) (last pic) is a screen grab from a video.
New - A short 'silent movie' clip of this video can be viewed here.

Policemen in Swansea

Policemen in Swansea

Policemen in Swansea

Policemen in Swansea

Policemen in Swansea


Bob Richards photo collection

A fine collection of photos from times gone by, kindly submitted by
Bob Richards. December 2018

Bob Richards Photos

Dominic Bowring Christmas Rota

Dominic Bowring


Ria Evans re Chris Breach


Halberdiers - 2000
Kindly contributed by Paul Edmunds Oct 2018
More can be viewed on our New Page (Oct 2018)

Terry TownendGorseinon Police Officers taking part in a Charity walk.
Starting at the Old Gowerton Police Station

Far right - Graham The Bull, Jeff Stephens, John Rees, TT Maxi Whiltshire,
Les Williams, Tim Jones...Boy in Barbour Jacket..Young Townend Jnr.

Terry Townend
Tim Jones using a whip to keep us going!
Tim on the left, Les Williams, Mark Mathias, Sarah Mathias and Jeff Stephens.


Swansea Docks

Swanswa Docks 1900's
A photograph of a PC at the entrance to Swansea Docks in the 1900s.
(Thanks to Peter Hall for this fine contribution. 3rd Oct)


Peter Hall Glyn James
Photograph supplied by Retired Inspector Glynne James which includes
Insp Glynne James - Sgts Peter Hall and Malcom Lewis (Holding Halberds)
with two Indian Police Officers who were studying at Swansea University.
Photo taken at Cockett Police Station c1990s.

If further information is needed Glynne James has that information.
Peter Hall

1st October 2018

The below photos are from Steve Daniels - "Other than those with labelling I cannot tell you much about them other than the fact that my dad, Joe Daniels is in all of them. There is one featuring an ad hoc H Division touring rugby team that visited Glasgow and played against a Strathclyde Police Team on the weekend of a Five Nations Scotland v Wales match. The game took place in 1997 and the result was a draw. You may have featured this on the Facebook page previously".

Steve Daniels
17th Sept 2018

Steve Daniels
Steve Daniels
Steve Daniels

Joe Daniels
Joe Daniels
Joe Daniels


Narpo Conference  2018

Narpo Conference 2018

Narpo Conference 2018


A few 'Blasts from the past - By John Huxtable - Sept 2018

Rugby Team

Swansea Borough Police V Birmingham Police at St Helens 1957

Swansea Police Players in striped jerseys
Back Row - Gareth Jones – Roy Evans - Hubert Thomas - Don Williams - Howell Rees
Ray Evans (head showing only) Geoff Tucker and George Evans.

Middle Row Elwyn Davies - Kneeling Colin Wooldrige

Sitting Ianto Evans - Brian Lewis - Bob Carter ?? Rees – Jimmy James


Swansea Borough Rugby Team C1970

Footnote - Swansea Police Rugby Team West Wales Trip -
John had inserted captions but there are some amendments needed- the date was definitely not 1970
as I recall one of the team George Evans leaving in about 1961/2. The "Dewi" front right
was Dewi Llewellyn, a Police Cadet - who never joined - I think the date is more likely to be 1958/9.

I have been in touch with John and he agrees - Bryon Tucker


Cricket Team



Blueprint 1978

My late husband Brian Evans and his mate Aubrey Oliver retired 40 years ago
This is a funny tribute to them from the Blue Print 1978
I thought I'd share with you.

Jeannette Hamilton‎Swansea NARPO
30 August 2018·

Leighton Jenkins with new car
· Great pic of Ch Insp, then Insp Leighton Jenkins with his inspiration.
Courtesy of Michael Green
‎Swansea NARPO Facebook - 31st August 2018

Peter Hall

Peter Hall - In the 1990s I initiated a project where Gendros Primary School Swansea were linked with Timberlane Elementary School, Virginia USA. Both schools learnt about each others cultures and studied both country’s history, culture, government, police and other emergency services.

I took Gendros school to 10 Downing St and Parliament where Prime Minister Thatcher was interviewed by the pupils. She also gave a greeting to the American Pupils. All these events where videod by myself. The still's shown are from video at Downing Street which include Supt Merry Bowden in the background.

After a year of the Cultural Exchange I arranged for Gendros School to link up with Timberlane School USA via a live 1 and a half hour satellite link from HTV Cardiff.

In the still photos taken from video, (above and below) included are myself in HTV studios with Arfon Haines Davies and Randall Killa, Headmaster of Gendros School. A Traffic car in the studio with Pc's Suzan Hughes, Graham Thomas (traffic) Dai Walters (Dog Handler) with Ricky the Police Dog. Arfon Haines Davies and pupil from Gendros. Angharad James presented Ricky the dog with birthday cake because we arranged for it to be the dogs birthday on the day of the live satellite link! - Angharad later joined South Wales Police and last I heard was a Sergeant in Cardiff.

Other photos include Susan Hughes - Graham etc Photo of an American child dressed in Police Uniform and more of Dai Walters and Ricky the Dog.

Peter Hall
8th July 2018

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Peter Hall

Peter Hall


B Group 1970
Where are they now? This was 'B' Group Sketty in Jan 1970; my batchelor party and Pete Minty's transfer to the Mets. (Hugh Williams - Facebook - 27th March 2018)

From John Davies - Just to jog a few memories-left to right - Me,Roger Burnell, Hugh, Peter Minty, Mike Charles, Alan Roper, Roger Holley, Mike Rees, Val Harvard, Huw Jenkins.

From Hugh Williams - Me, John and Peter still local. Roger living in Devon, Mike in America. Alan became a solicitor and lives in Neath. Roger sadly no longer with us. Mike emigrated to Canada and became Sheriff in a small town in Alberta. Val and Hugh Jenkins whereabouts unknown.

Coffee Morning March 2018

Coffee Morning March 2018

(Kindly taken by Cherryl Taylor)

(Also on our Facebook page)

Mike Green Swansea Drugs Squad

Swansea Drug Squad training course at the Britania inn, Llanmadoc
with DCI Fred Davies and driver from Cardiff.
(Kindly submitted by Mike Green - Feb 2018)



Hi Phil,

I have attached the photo I was telling you about. As you'll see there are three halberdiers in the photo: Jake Ellery leading, followed by John Pickard and then myself. The photo would have been taken in 1957/8. Hope it is of some use.


Colin Wooldridge
Feb 2018

Terry Townend photo
November 2017


1925 photo, copied from Memories of Neath Old and New Fbk page, submitted by Jim Ann Duran......
1925 photo, copied from Memories of Neath Old and New Facebook page.
Submitted by Jim/Ann Duran - 20th August 2017


Howell and Mair Rees
The late Howell and Mair Rees.
Ex.C/Insp Gorseinon Police Station


Swansea Fire Brigade
This photo, is believed to be of the Swansea Borough Police/Fire Brigade, date unknown.
It is one of pile of photos owned by the late Sergeant Malcolm Lewis
which were donated to Narpo by his widow Pamela
Phil Taylor - 19th July (More to follow)


Morriston Police Box
A 1940 Police Box at Morriston Cross
Kindly submitted by Terry Townend
(Origin not known)
Facebook - July 2017


Here is a 'Photo Album' of some really old photos donated by Audrey Vincent, widow of former Swansea PC John Vincent.

Audrey nee Price was also a Swansea WPC and joined the same day as 2 others Hazel Huxtable and Betty Dagnell. Having joined, their uniform had not arrived so they attended Initial Training in plain clothes as you will see clearly in the pictures.

Audrey was the daughter of a Swansea Sergeant 130 David Price

Her husband John, joined the Swansea Borough Force on 3rd July 1959 together with a certain Bryon Tucker who appears in the top Training School photo standing with arms folded behind John Vincent - note the Swansea helmets.

Please click here or the below photograph to view the full Album.

Bryon Tucker
July 2017

Audrey Vincent



paul stephens photo
I think this photo was taken at Ashleigh road playing fields in the late 1980's.
The team was representing 'H' division, Swansea.
No idea who we were playing but suffice to say they probably didn't like us much!
Paul Stephens - June 2017


Album by John Howard Davies
A Photo Album by John H. Davies
Click HERE or the above Photograph to view the album

May 2017


Terry Townend May 2017
Photo courtesy of Terry Townend
(Thanks once again Terry for yet another fine contribution)
May 2017


Terry Townend new photo
Three wise men... Mike Thomas a Guardsman and a Guru..... Me (T/T) behind the camera.
Kindly submitted by Terry Townend - May 2017


Thank you Terry for this latest contribution 'Blast from the past'

We are always pleased to accept photographs for 'your website' so do have a look through your 'archives'
and feel free to send us contributions which all help to keep everything fresh and interesting for all to enjoy.



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