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  Dear Bryon and Vera

Thank you very much for the lovely birthday card and voucher received for my recent birthday. It really was an unexpected surprise and I am still trying to work out how you knew how old I was!

Since I left the NEC I have not had very good health which limits my getting out. I get very depressed about it. To think that Swansea Branch remembered me really cheered me up. Please will you pass on my thanks to the committee and my friends in Swansea branch.
I hope to see you sometime this year.

Best wishes and many thanks
Margaret Morgan

26th Feb
  Dear Bryon,
Marilyn asked me to pass her sincere thanks to you and Narpo for the card and gift sent to her for her recent birthday. Many thanks to you all.

Terry Hughes
26th Feb

Thank you for my birthday card and voucher from Narpo.

Huw Griffiths
7th February .


Memories of the late Alan Lloyd (Lloydy)

I have a lovely memory of Sgt. Lloydy sitting in front passenger seat whilst ex traffic cop
traffic car Sgt Kevin Grant drove us to a code 9 shout.

I was in the back, Lloydy was so frightened by Grant driving on the wrong side of Walter Road that he had his hands over his eyes and feet on the dash, continually shouting 'STOP' I couldn't stop laughing, despite Grant taking our lives in his hands weaving through traffic!!

Sgt Lloydy couldn't talk when we arrived at our destination he was so traumatised! However he was still able to throw a few punches! Obviously only using enough force as necessary to apprehend!

Tanya Closs-Jones, nee Crawford
26th January


Dear Mr Taylor,

As you kindly noted in your obituaries section my mother, Margaret, Jim's widow, died on 1st December last year. As we were clearing up her house my brother found your NARPO Christmas gift to her which she hadn’t opened. Mike and I would like to give you the sum of £25 for your funds which was the amount which we guess you have already spent at Tesco. I was just wondering how you would like me to address the cheque and to whom I should send it.

I have just spent a very happy hour browsing the photographs on the website. I hadn’t discovered the site until today when I was looking for your address. I was particularly taken with the photos of around Dad’s era - the names and faces brought back many happy memories of childhood.

I can also guess now how so many people seemed to know the funeral arrangements. Mike and I were very moved by the large turn out at the funeral of men of Dad’s age who we guessed were retired colleagues but who seemed to melt away after the service itself. I wonder if it would be possible to pass on to any former police officers who were there just how much their presence meant to us on the day. We were sorry not to have had the opportunity to speak to many individually. We were surprised, touched and felt very blessed that so many had shown their sympathy in this way.

Keep up the good work with the website. Mike is just about to do a marathon scan of old photos, so I’ll get him to send on some more for your archive.

With best wishes,

January 2015

  Dear Bryon,

Nesta has asked me tell you how very much she appreciated your kind and generous message and gift from NARPO. Having made some progress in recovery she has been transferred from Morriston to Singleton.

Wishing you and our NARPO friends a Happy New Year for 2015.

With our Fondest Regards. Nesta & Ernest (Sanger)
Dec 2014

  John Gronow is now much improved after his recent illness and thanks Swansea Narpo for the Card/Vouchers he received following his recent hospital stay. We would also like to thank John, despite being unwell, for personally delivering photographs that he took of a recent Christmas Buffet Invitation to the Swansea Central Police Station. These can be viewed on our New Photographs page.
Dec 2014
  Dear Brian,

Just a few lines to thank you and the committee of Narpo, Swansea for my Birthday Card and also for the £10 voucher. It was a very pleasant surprise.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year.

Best wishes
Ianto Evans

Dec 2014
  Dear Phil and all committee members,

Thank you all for a lovely time, Vivienne and I thoroughly enjoyed our selves.
Best venue to date. Well done again
Derek and Vivienne Moore
Dec 2014

Thanks for the email with the photos - so quick getting them on the computer!
Great lunch, no complaints from us - will wait to hear the venue for next year - Thanks for all your committee work, etc.

Gwyn (the dog) and Margaret Morris
Dec 2014.

  I have been in touch with David and Jean Jones (Ex Ch Insp known as Dai Drugs) and they thank the Committee for the Diamond Wedding Card/ Vouchers and they were impressed by our "Card" system.

Bryon Tucker
Dec 2014

Dear Phil and All committee members,

Thank you all for a lovely time, Vivienne and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
Best venue to date. Well done again

Regards.Derek and Vivienne Moore.

(Christmas Dinner Morriston Golf Club) - Dec 2014


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