johndaviespic8may2017  H (Lliw Valley) management team prior to reorganisation. johndaviespic6may2017  H Division management team with local Mayors and Chief Executives. johndaviespic2may2017  H (Lliw Valley) CID team prior to reorganisation. johndaviespic3may2017  Community Constables Jumble Sale for Blue Light funds.
johndaviespic4may2017  Reception at Cockett Police Station for Duke of Edinburgh Award candidates. johndaviespic5may2017  Police representatives at Duke of Edinburgh Awards reception. johndaviespic1may2017  Bryon Tucker and John Davies Uplands CID Office. johndaviespic7may2017  Celebration of Hugh Williams stag party and Peter Minty transferring to the Met.