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We now have many video clips/films so this new page has been created to assist everyone finding and viewing them all. Updated Jan 24

If anyone has any videos to share, please contact the Webmaster, Jeff Davies.

Video Film Clips

Mumbles Railway


Video Memorial to Swansea Borough Officers


Courtesy of Gareth Madge, a short video taken at the
South Wales Police Remembrance Service 2019.



1950's Video at St Peters Church

Silent 1950s Video of Borough Officers at St Mary's Church

Kindly submitted by Peter Hall
12th June 2019


New! A couple of years ago I interviewed retired Glamorgan PC Dave Barnett about his investigations into the case of the Murder of Mamie Stewart. Dave was the area constable at Bishopston - one day in the 1960s a local lad called into the station and showed to Dave a skull and rib bone he had found in a cave at Brandy Cove.

As a result Dave made enquiries into the circumstances of how and what were the skeleton remains in the cave at Brandy Cove. In this video Dave outlines the part he played concerning the murder of Mamie Stewart.

Peter Hall - May 2019

WW2 saw Swansea Town extensively bombed by the German Luftwaffe. At this time the Swansea Borough Police were also the Fire Service. The Borough Police requested the assistance of the adjoining Glamorganshire Constabulary. This request resulted in the secondment of Police Officers from 'H' Division of the Glamorgan Constabulary being deployed with Borough Officers in and around the Town of Swansea.

Video by Peter Hall Swansea Blitz

This video is an account of a Glamorgan Constabulary Police Officer involved in policing duties during the 3 nights blitz of Swansea.
Peter Hall (April 2019)

Did you know that South Wales Police have a huge presence on Youtube?
You can view some of the collection of videos right here. Use the search words 'youtube south wales police' using Google to find many more!
Youtube South Wales Police
Courtesy of Peter Hall - "Here is a link to a programme I was involved in filming for ITV Wales on the unsolved murder of Muriel Drinkwater at Penllagaer Woods in the 1940s. Retired Det Supt Roy Davies and Retired Det Ch/Supt Wynne Phillips are featured".
2nd April 2019
Muriel Drinkwater murder
A video interview with retired PC Hubert Thomas talking about policing in the Swansea Borough Police and South Wales Constabulary between the years 1951 to 1982.
Courtesy of Peter Hall
March 2019
Peter Hall interview with Hubert Thomas
Police Officers on duty in Swansea.
Here is another further contribution sent to us by Peter Hall - January 2019.
The officer on point duty (about 1960's) (last pic) is a screen grab from a video outside High Street Station. A short 'silent movie' clip of this video can be viewed here.
Peter Hall Video Point Duty




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