The Charity exists to serve anyone who is, or has been in the Armed Forces, Reserves and TA. They and their families can call on us for the rest of their lives. More than 10 million people in the UK today are eligible for our help, good advice and friendship.

More than 50,000 call on us each year and a much greater demand is anticipated in the future. Our network of 95 Branches aim to serve the ex service community and their dependents and you could help us to achieve this.

If you like being part of a very important team, please volunteer. Training is given and all
out-of-pocket expenses are paid. You tell us how much time you can spare.

Policemen and women, by the nature of their profession, are accustomed to offering help and support in the community. Well over 800 serving and retired police officers are already working for us.

Please contact: Mr. Glen Smith
Branch Support Advisor-Membership
19 Queen Elizabeth Street
Telephone: 020 7463 9273
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