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Police Pensions - The CPI has just been released for September as 1.2% Police Pensions will rise for those eligible in April 2015 by said amount. See website for more details.


Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251
15th October 2014

The First World War: A Study Day Wednesday 22 October 09.00 – 16.30 Ocean Room, National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. Organised by Premier History Services Ltd.
More info

Christmas Dinner - 2014

This will be held on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 at the Morriston Golf Club
- further details in the next Newsletter.

Christmas Dinner 2014

UPDATE: Brian Jones's contact telephone number is printed wrong in the latest Newsletter.
The CORRECT tel number should be: Swansea 01792 299762.


Radio 4 Programme
Dear Secretary,
Would you be so kind to circulate below to your members please.

I am a retired DCI from the MPS (

Myself and the writer Julie Bindel have been commissioned by Radio 4 to present a programme which will be aired in 2015, discussing whether life has changed for women officers since Prime Suspect. We would love to hear from current or recently retired women officers from around the country and listen to their experiences.

If you feel you have something to say, we would love to hear from you -

Best Wishes,

Jackie Malton
6th October 2014

Age Cymru Question Time event - Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay on Friday 3rd October
Invitation Form - Confirmation Form
Sarah Price
Engagement Support Co-ordinator
Age Cymru
26th Sept

Loughor Town Band's Annual Concert - Hello Friends from my e mail contacts list, you may be interested to know that our Annual Concert is to be held at the Welfare Hall Loughor on Saturday 11th October. I have attached the poster for your information.

Kind Regards.

Phil Pinnington
26th Sept
Albert Appleton - Appeal for information
Regarding our previous News article on an appeal for information on Albert Appleton, would Steve Otterway or anyone else who is interested please contact any Narpo Committee member as we now have an update.
Thank you. Jeff Davies, Sept 2014.

Leukaemia – Lymphoma – Myeloma Fund - Ward 11 – Cancer Day Unit, Singleton Hospital, Swansea.
Crystal Birthstone Guardian Angels
Presentation to Anna Gabrieli
August 2014 - Leighton Jenkins presenting a donation of £200
on behalf of Swansea Narpo to Anna Gabrieli.

A letter from Anna Gabrieli
Fundraiser for the LLF (Wales)

In 2009 my sister, Susan Evans was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood / bone marrow cancer and underwent a stem cell transplant and chemotherapy at the above Unit. Her consultant, Dr. Sati had mentioned to my sister that he wanted to set up a Swansea Myeloma Fund for research into this disease.

Susan really wished that he would be successful as she wanted to donate £1,000 into this Fund. Sadly on the 10th April 2011, Susan passed away before the Fund was set up. You can read more about what happened next by clicking on the below links.

A letter from Anna

All about the Fund

Anna is constantly looking at ways to further support this Charity. More on the below website.

Lymphoma Leukaemia Myeloma Fund (Wales)

Presentation to Anna

Keeping in touchA Brand New Page created so that former colleagues and friends can continue to keep in touch. Please email the Committee if you wish to add people to this page.

NARPO conference 2014 will be webcast live from Brighton and offers those viewing the opportunity to submit questions to the Conference, speakers and panel members live as you watch. 

To view the webcast use this link WEBCAST LIVE LINK

To test your computer to determine it has the correct settings to view a live webcast use this link: TEST LINK


BBC Wales is working on a documentary looking at the history of sex in Wales
(20th Century to present day mainly).

There is a strong social history element to what they’re looking at - key moments such as the introduction of the Pill, the first family planning clinics, key publications like The Joy of Sex etc, the concerns over HIV/Aids in the 1980s etc. as well as people’s attitudes towards sex. Ideally they’d like to speak to older people who can remember these milestones as well as talk to us about their attitudes towards sex.

For more information, please contact Amy Quant at BBC Wales on 029 2032 2751 or email

Many thanks,


Iwan Rhys Roberts
External Relations Officer
Age Cymru
029 2043 1562


South Wales Policeman who died in World War One remembered 24th August 2014
A former Swansea police constable is being remembered on the 100th anniversary of his death when he was fighting in the Army in World War One. Pc Albert Appleton was killed in the Battle of Mons on 24 August 1914, just six days after arriving in France. He was the first of 90 officers from South Wales' old forces to die in the war. Read more

Hire me
Work Opportunities
Members Offers

Hi All,

New Full time and Part time job opportunities are available on our website Situations Vacant page.

We encourage members to look at our website as we do post job vacancies quite frequently.


Steve Edwards Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251

Super Foods

And now for something completely different!

Just updated - These tips may help you live longer!!!
Do you have any healthy eating tips that you would like to share with our members and visitors?
If so do please email us and we can include them on this page. 14th July 2014
National Police Training Centre's Reunion - Wednesday 8th October 2014
Please click here for further information (PDF file)

A look at 1940's police officers, their duties whilst on the beat, and their role within the community.

Hi Phil,

I've just been looking at some old films on the British Council Film Collection site which was on the news earlier this week.

One which may be of interest to NARPO members is called The Man On The Beat. It was made in 1945 so is before most of us can remember but I'm sure it will resonate with some members.

Colin Wooldridge
4th June 2014


Social News

Ill HealthIll Health - our best wishes to Margaret Harrigan, Gwynfor Hughes - Ray Norwood -Hubert Thomas –Larry Hughes- Graham “Ginger” Davies.

If you know of a member's special birthday, anniversary or admittance to Hospital, please inform Bryon Tucker (Welfare Officer) We rely on all of you for updates. Thank you.

New Members
- Welcome to Richard Jackson, Garry Thomas Iain McCullum and Arwel Jones.

Special Birthdays & Celebrations Special Birthdays-

Congratulations to the following on their special Birthdays between July and September 2014 – Mary Watkins, Tudor Davies, Gerry Coad, Linda Lewis, Dave Salter, Anne-Marie Bowen ,Pat Cowey, Clive Bartlett, Sue Samuel, Cary Harding, Alun Thomas, and Gill Martin.

Diamond Weddings will be celebrated by Aubrey and Margaret Oliver and Dick and Joyce Phillips and Golden Weddings- Alan and Carole Jones, Norman and Pat Hathaway- and belated greeting to Huw and Mary Watkins whose Golden Wedding was in March.

New Members - Welcome to Gary Pitson, Stephen Parker, Gerald Samuel and Richard “Boris” Thomas.

Bereavements - our condolences to the families of Glenys Parry- Pamela Williams- and non members - Gaynor Anthony- Edna Crockett.

The next Committee Meeting will be held on (Date to be announced) – In the meantime, please contact any Committee Member or the Secretary Phil Taylor at 01792 842378 or email  if you would like any issue raised. 


AGM - was held on 16th April 2014 –at the Dunvant Rugby Club. It was very poorly attended despite the free buffet and Quiz.
Next year we are considering a different venue and perhaps an afternoon Meeting – we will let you know.

Events for 2014
We have decided not to have the Summer Bus Trip this year but instead we have some new SOCIAL EVENTS lined up for you.

Gwili Railway TripGwili Railway afternoon trip/Evening Carvery Meal

Click here for Photographs

Christmas Market Trip - Ludlow

We are arranging a coach to Christmas Market in late October/ early November –probably Ludlow, further details in future Newsletters.

3 Men on a Boat - OR - Last of the Summer Wine!
Men on a Boat

Pictured here are Con Morris, Alan Roper and John Rosser who met up on a cruise to the Atlantic Islands – all had booked independently!

Con had not seen Alan for 45 years but still recognised him. Alan was a former Swansea Police Officer who left to become a Solicitor. He sends his best wishes to all who worked with him.

The late Chief Supt William Maddy Williams - Appeal for information
We have recently received an appeal from Hayley Williams, the Grandaughter of the above, (see below) for any information including further photographs please concerning the late Chief Supt William Maddy Williams. A previous request (see below) did not result in any information being received. We have one more photograph on this web site which can be found at the very bottom of a previous Newsletter.

Please direct any replies to both Hayley by Email - and Jeff Davies so that the website can be updated.

edited UPDATE!
Information received - please view update here -
25th May 2014

Request for information and photographs
I can see on your website this evening a post from 'Nigel Williams' requesting further information on William Maddy Williams, late superintendent in South Wales police force. You have a picture on your website of him being presented with an award. Would you be able to provide me with any more information or whether any of your members responded to my fathers query?

Your help would be greatly appreciated,

Hayley williams
April 2014

Previous request for Photographs - The late Chief Supt William Maddy Williams -
25th June 2012
"I found the site this morning as I was trying to locate some pics of my late father, from his time in the Swansea Borough Police and, more recently, the South Wales Police. I see you have a picture of him receiving a presentation and I was hoping you could enlighten me as to what this was for? Also, I am assuming the picture was scanned in, do you have any idea how I might obtain a better copy and do you have any leads as to how I might obtain any other pics that might be in existence?! Nigel Williams - 25th June 2012

Maddy Williams
L to R - Joe Trigg, Tommy Crabbe, Colin Wooldridge, Maddy Williams, John Huxtable
Kindly submitted by John Huxtable - February 2012


Newsletters by Email

A few months ago our Email system was hacked and our complete list of Email contact addresses was wiped out. We have managed to recover the vast majority but we are aware that in the aftermath of this hacking some of you had difficulty in re-submitting your details. If you have any doubts as to whether or not we have you listed correctly then please contact Phil to check. A brief Email to will suffice. This is now doubly important as we are moving towards a “presumed consent” system of sending the Newsletter by Email to the addresses we currently hold

Generally speaking the reaction to send future Newsletters by Email has been very positive. However, we appreciate that this is a major change and we have decided to proceed slowly and as previously indicated we will extend this system to more members progressively throughout the coming year and completion by the start of 2015.

We would like to reassure all members who do not have a computer that you will continue to receive your Newsletter by post and those of you with computers can continue to receive by post by opting out of our Email scheme!

NB: It is vital that we have your correct up to date email addresses!