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Hi All,

Injury award Survey

I would be grateful if you could make your members, particularly those in receipt of an injury award, aware of the below survey and encourage them to participate.

The survey is also available via the website at:


Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251
2nd May

Home Swap Holidays is a new BBC ONE UK based travel/ property / holiday programme. We’re looking to find people who live in lovely homes in the Swansea area, who would be happy to try a home swap or short break over a weekend in the next few months. The programme will allow participants a great opportunity to explore a home swap, a different property and a different area of the country, along with local attractions, activities, foods and tourist sights.

It would be great if you could let your Swansea members know about the programme. Click here to obtain more details here (PDF File)
2nd May

The late Chief Supt William Maddy Williams - Appeal for information

We have recently received an appeal from Hayley Williams, the Grandaughter of the above, (see below) for any information including further photographs please concerning the late Chief Supt William Maddy Williams. A previous request (see below) did not result in any information being received. We have one more photograph on this web site which can be found at the very bottom of a previous Newsletter.

Please direct any replies to both Hayley by Email - and Jeff Davies so that the website can be updated.

edited UPDATE!
Information received - please view update here -
25th May 2014

Request for information and photographs
I can see on your website this evening a post from 'Nigel Williams' requesting further information on William Maddy Williams, late superintendent in South Wales police force. You have a picture on your website of him being presented with an award. Would you be able to provide me with any more information or whether any of your members responded to my fathers query?

Your help would be greatly appreciated,

Hayley williams
April 2014

Previous request for Photographs - The late Chief Supt William Maddy Williams -
25th June 2012
"I found the site this morning as I was trying to locate some pics of my late father, from his time in the Swansea Borough Police and, more recently, the South Wales Police. I see you have a picture of him receiving a presentation and I was hoping you could enlighten me as to what this was for? Also, I am assuming the picture was scanned in, do you have any idea how I might obtain a better copy and do you have any leads as to how I might obtain any other pics that might be in existence?! Nigel Williams - 25th June 2012

Maddy Williams
L to R - Joe Trigg, Tommy Crabbe, Colin Wooldridge, Maddy Williams, John Huxtable
Kindly submitted by John Huxtable - February 2012

Is Employment and Support Allowance deductible from an Injury Pension?
We are aware that the position on this matter is varied throughout the country with some Forces deducting ESA and others not deducting it. ESA is a direct replacement for Incapacity benefit so on first sight one would expect it to be deductible, however Incapacity Benefit is expressly detailed as a ‘relevant benefit’ under Schedule 3 of The Police [Injury Benefit] Regulations 2006; ESA however as it is a new DWP benefit is not so detailed.

In an effort to clarify the situation we recently wrote to the Home Office seeking clarification of the matter. The response we received from the Home Office included the following:

In principle, we believe it would be appropriate to change both the police pension and injury benefit regulations to make ESA deductible.

This obviously leads us to surmise that the Home Office are of the opinion that ESA is not deductible from an Injury Pension at present. The letter also makes it clear that Police Forces are responsible for administering pensions within the regulations and in view of this we suggest that those who are having ESA deducted from their Injury Pension write to their Force in an attempt to clarify the matter and receive back any monies unlawfully deducted.

We have prepared a template letter for you to use to write to your Force see the website for more


Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251

21st April

Rachel Barnham

Newsletters by Email

Generally speaking the reaction to our proposal to send future Newsletters by Email has been very positive. However, we appreciate that this is a major change and we have decided to proceed slowly. Many members have already indicated their consent and on this occasion they will receive this edition both by post as in the past plus the Email version which will be in colour. This will give us the opportunity to evaluate the system. We ask that those who have received the Email edition acknowledge its receipt by Emailing which will verify that we have the correct email address of that member in the address book.

We will extend this system to more members progressively throughout the coming year and completion by the start of 2015.

We would like to reassure all members who do not have a computer that you will continue to receive your Newsletter by post and those of you with computers can continue to receive by post by opting out of our Email scheme!

It is vital that we have your correct up to date email addresses!


Important Injury Award Decisions The High Court has quashed Guidance issued by the Home Office which has been used to reduce the injury pensions of thousands of injured former police officers. All of these cuts to the pensions of former injured officers will now have to be further reviewed. The court ordered the Home Office to publicise the withdrawal of the unlawful guidance on its website. The notice can be read here (27th Feb 2014)

More information here on the Narpo HQ website.


A message on Facebook from Mike Cranswick who is now resident in the Cayman Islands - The sunshine 'may' cheer us up a little!! Belated Birthday greetings for yesterday Mike :-)
25th Feb 2014

Cayman Islands Mike Cranswick

Email your details here pleaseImportant - If you have an e-mail address, please contact Phil by email so that he can update your Please email to this address details. Phil Taylor

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Increase in Police Pension for 2014
The annual reporting of the CPI, published October 15th for September 2013 confirms that the annual percentage increase for police pensions 2014 will be 2.7% (last year 2.2%).

As from the 1st January 2014 the minimum subscription will be £19.56 (was £18.96), this amounts to £1.63 (was £1.58) per month.

Social Matters

Illness Ill Health - Margaret Harrigan, wife of the late Jimmy Harrigan (Traffic Department, Swansea Borough) who resides at 60,Parklands View, Sketty, is presently undergoing tests at Morriston Hospital. She is in Ward G. No further information available at this time. 25th May.

Our best wishes for a speedy recovery to – Hubert Thomas who fell last Saturday and at present is in Ward B at Morriston Hospital suffering from a fractured Femur - 11th May
Ginger Davies - Larry Hughes - Ray Norwood who has just recently come home from Hospital, having been admitted there in January - Avril Hughes , Danna Davies, Freda Williams, Tom Evans, Bill Collins, Charlie Paice, Gwyn Watkins and Paul Stephens.

If you know of a member's special birthday, anniversary or admittance to Hospital, please inform Bryon Tucker (Welfare Officer) We rely on all of you for updates. Thank you.

New Members - Welcome to Richard Jackson, Garry Thomas Iain McCullum and Arwel Jones

Special Birthdays & Celebrations - Congratulations to the following on their special Birthdays between April and June 2014 – Mike Godrich – Eric Place - Bill Fraser- Len Protheroe - Eryl Jones- Roger Parr- Roger Burnell- Lorna Williams- Delyth Tovey- Dick Ashman- Frances Jeffreys- Viv Martin- Ieuan John – Pauline Wynne Hughes – Phyllis Hicks - Jean John and Graham Davies. We also give our best wishes to our latest Associate Member, Dai White and Pamela who celebrate their Golden Wedding in April. Finally, Bob James now 65, aka “Bobby Bear” sends this message to all his former colleagues “At 65 Bobby Bear from Aberdare is feeling great,
He has decided to go to Spain to hibernate!!” (Hey, I'm a Poet and I didn't know it') Ed.

New Members - Welcome to Huw Marshall, Stuart Murray, Warren Williams, Robert Jones,
Paul “Dusty” Morris and Associate Member David White.

The next Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday 1st May 2014 – please contact any Committee Member or the Secretary Phil Taylor at 01792 842378 or email  if you would like any issue raised. 


Branch Website
We try to put all the up-to-date information on this website, (normally updated on a daily basis) including doo's, sadly but also, obituaries and details of funeral arrangements if we receive the information in time. It's requested that changes of personal circumstances e.g. address, especially Email addresses should be passed to Phil Taylor - E mail -

Our website is expanding rapidly and contains many items of interest for everyone - far too many to include in Newsletters. The number of web visits from outside the area is also growing.
Under Contacts on top of the Home Page, you will find buttons which automatically create a blank Email for you to send to Jeff (Webmaster) or Phil (Secretary) You may find it easier to find photographs, etc by using the new search engine on the Home Page, just type in the relevant search words.


Please contact Jeff Davies via email: beewise at if you have any information, items of interest, including amusing stories or any photographs of interest. Photographs can be sent via Email to Jeff for processing into the scrapbook page of this website.

Search Engine - The whole web site is now being automatically indexed every month. If you wish to carry out a search, maybe to find a photograph, simply enter a name or subject into the box provided. This service is free and is therefore advert based. The results are shown below the adverts! Jan 2012
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Job Opportunities
SERVOCA RESOURCING SOLUTIONS are still looking for retired Police Officers to work in South Wales and West England regions. The positions range from Civilian Investigators • Disclosure Officers • House 2 House Enquiry Teams • CCTV Viewing • PNC Operators - Communication Officers• Intelligence Analysts/Researchers• NPIA Accredited Financial Investigators• Enforcement Officers• Incident Room Staff; Holmes Staff• Case File Preparation• Public Enquiry Officers• PCSO Trainers• Scenes of Crime Officers.

Please contact Amanda Butler at Servoca: Tel: 0845 073 7800/7800 .
Email: or view website

G4S (was Securicor) - have a wide range of job opportunities for retired officers. Contact Rachel Barham at Tel 020 8249 6614 Fax 020 8249 6397 Email or visit their website at

Holiday Accomodation
Ret’d Sgt Julia Brown North Wales offers a 2 bedroom Mobile Home Holiday accommodation at Camps du Pylone,Antibes nr Nice, France.Prices range from £160 -£410 per week, with Special Offers of 4 for 3 during April and May. Julia can be contacted at Tel: 01492-879108 or by Email at More details can be viewed on our website or at

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