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Updated 19th July 2017
(Ill Health)
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Armed Forces Day Event
We have had an invitation from the Lord Mayor of Swansea to attend the City and County of Swansea Fly the Flag for the Armed Forces Day event to be held at Castle Square at 11am on the 24th June. Click here to download.
10th June

Operation Julie
Tomorrow, Tuesday, 6th June, at 9.30 pm on S4C, is a programme called Y Detectif – in Welsh, but with English subtitles. It looks back at 'Operation Julie' (forty years ago would you believe!) and may well feature a couple of familiar faces. Well worth a watch.

Hint – the subtitle facility is not available if viewed via catch up.

Phil Addicott NARPO Secretary
Dyfed Powys Branch


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Flint House 2017

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Committee Members

New Members - Welcome to –Phil Hobby-Gary Chambers-Alan Williams

Ill HealthIll Health - Updated 22nd July - Mike Green is now recovering at home after a knee operation.

Graham Davies (671) has recently been released from a 6 day spell in hospital where he was treated for a fractured nose following a fall at home. He has to have further tests.

Dai Griffiths (146) is currently in Singleton Hospital Ward 4.

Ieaun John, Will Jones and Pamela Evans.

If you know of a member's special birthday, anniversary or admittance to Hospital, please inform Bryon Tucker (Welfare Officer) We rely on all of you for updates. Thank you.

Special Birthdays

Congratulations for those with special Birthdays between July and September
Annette Moore- Julie Coutanche -Mike Watts- Faye Ashman- Keith Fifield
Ralph Jones- Terry Arnesen -Brian Baynham - Hubert Thomas - Linda Noble
Peter Allsopp- Roger Hughes- Brian Emmanuel -John Darracott - Kerry Marlowe-
Barbara Price- Peter Hall - Les Clement - Dave O’Brien- Vernon Evans
Mike Collins- Phil Taylor - Adrian Crocker.

Also to following on their special Wedding Anniversaries Mike and Betty Thomas (Golden) Lyn and Dilys Beynon (Diamond) and Ray and Ruth Norwood (Platinum)

Narpo Travel and Health Insurance - The function of the admin and processing has now been taken over by AXA and any enquiries or requests involving payments or cancellations should be directed to: Harry McGimpsey tel 02891882814 or email

Travel Services Offered - Hi, my name is Christina and I’m a Travel Counsellor In my ‘former life’ I was a Police Officer for 13 years in South Wales. In 2014, my husband Andy retired from South Wales Police and we bought a round the world ticket and went exploring for a year. On our return, we decided I should set up my own business doing what I love and bought a franchise in Travel Counsellors.
You can read about all I have offer right here...
8th Feb 2017

Website appeal - Our Website continues to flourish, is well visited and complemented by our Facebook page 'Swansea Narpo'. We are confident though there must be many photographs and interesting/amusing anecdotes from 'your time in the job'. So, please do feel free to contribute and get in touch - you can of course remain anonymous if you so wish! We also welcome any suggestions you may have for improving 'your' website.

Police Stations - We now have a new page solely for Police Stations. Please do feel free to send us photographs, especially of those buildings that no longer stand, for example, Gowerton Station. You can access the new page here and from the Scrapbook menu on the Home page of this website.
20th Sept.

Art Gallery - You may not be aware that we have our very own 'Art Gallery'. You can visit the page right here.

Difficulty opening our Newsletters - We are aware that some of you may still be experiencing problems when opening Newsletters. The Newsletter is created using Microsoft Word but not everyone has this program installed, so to get around this issue, the document is sent out as a PDF file which can then be opened and read using the FREE program Adobe Acrobat Reader. Be very careful though when about to install because the 'optional offer' boxes are already ticked. To disable, just untick the 2 boxes before installing. We hope this clarifies things but of course should you have further questions then please feel free to contact us.

Jeff Davies
Website Officer
May 2017

Website/Newsletters by Email - our rolling programme on this is progressing well but it is vital that we have your correct email addresses. If you are not yet receiving your copy of the news letter by Email only and you wish to change to that method, then send Phil Taylor an Email to and he will arrange it. This saves us postage costs and gives you a much better presentation in colour etc.

Our rolling programme continues its onward march and we appreciate your cooperation. The Branch funds are now benefitting as a result. All e mails are sent via BCC (Blind copy) so that members e-mail details will not be shown on any one else’s e-mail, thus protecting their privacy. If you are receiving the Newsletter by Email and by post could you please contact Phil Taylor to let him know that you are content to receive the e mail copy only?

Narpo News – as usual this is packed with a variety of informative articles, advice and special offers - Keep your eyes out for the next edition and order your 2017 Narpo Diaries- We appreciate that the magazine has a lot of information to digest at one reading –so do not discard it –put in to one side and refer to it over the next week or so.

Facebook Remember, for up to date news between Newsletters just log in to our website at or/and for those of you on Facebook, we also have our very own Facebook page. If you are not already a member and wish to join, please send a request.

Now for the 'boring small print' - It's a closed group and we have the following ground rules:

Our ground rules - This Facebook page is open for all to view, Membership is restricted to retired and serving officers, and support staff, their relatives, close friends, and any member of the greater Police family. It aims to keep us all in touch with each other and to share news, views and events. Please keep it light-hearted. Any unsuitable comments/derogatory/character assassinations etc will be deleted.

Friends can only add new members with Admin approval. We have already had several requests from people wishing to become members who have been unable to justify their connection to the Police family, and they have been rejected. Also, please, no business advertising is allowed; there are already opportunities on our website to advertise for a small cost, on an annual basis which includes an entry in our quarterly newsletter.

If you are a member please do not hesitate to post any news, events or anecdotes that you would like to share with ex colleagues. We also welcome photographs for this Facebook page and our website, helping to keep everything fresh and interesting. Thank you all for your support and submitions to date. It's very much appreciated, thank you.

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