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Peoples's Collections - A Bit of History

If you are interested in local history,and or local Policing history we have updated our BYGONE Days page with two additional links. These links access various elements of the website.

Part of this website is updated and maintained by retired constable and former South Wales Police musuem curator Mr. Ross Mather. There is a wealth of information held here which may be of use to you or even your grandchildren undertaking school projects. Why not give it a visit, its just a click away from the Bygone Days Page.

Paul Bryant
Cardiff Narpo
11th Feb 2015


No 8 RCS Reunion
I am arranging an informal re-union of officers who served with No 8 RCS. It will be on Friday 20th March 2015 at The Gatekeeper PH, Westgate St., Cardiff which is opposite the Millennium Stadium. It will start at 4.00pm. Informal means (a drink). We have met a few times previously with officers from Gwent and South Wales and it would be nice to see old colleagues from Dyfed Pwys.

I can be contacted on: Tel: 07770-981361 or via e-mail

Steve Cotterell
11th Feb 2015

Hi all,
Please see our main Narpo website for details of an EDM in relation to the Commutation Factor dispute, and also circulate to members.

Steve edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251
6th Feb 2015
Transfering money abroad.
NARPO members can access savings on foreign exchange transfers through UKForex.
Special benefits for NARPO members. See here for further details
As part of the Later Life Ambitions campaign Connect have organised the below event in Birmingham:

Join us in Birmingham at Older People’s Question Time to directly question politicians and high profile commentators ahead of the General Election. Led by the 250,000 members of the National Federation of Occupational Pensioners, the Civil Service Pensioners Alliance and the National Association of Retired Police Officers, Later Life Ambitions brings issues that affect the lives of our older people to the forefront of politicians’ minds.

Please register your attendance:
Register online by clicking “Book Tickets”
Call James Noble on 020 7592 9490
Email your name, address and contact number to
Post your name, address and contact number to Later Life Ambitions, PO BOX 67187, London SW1P 9SZ

See the website for more information

Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
Tel: 01924 331 251

Hi All,

As a Christmas Bonus Hotpoint are offering NARPO members a further 10% discount on all products purchased between 12th December and 5th January. Just use the code TREAT10 at the checkout.

See website for full details

(Contact Narpo HQ for unique reference code to enter website)
Tel: 01924 362166

Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251
10th Dec


Buffet Lunch at Swansea Central Police Station
On Thursday 4th December, members of the Swansea Branch of Narpo were invited by Chief Superintendent Phil Davies to a buffet lunch, which was held at Swansea Police Station. (A similar event was held last year which included a talk and discussion with the Swansea senior police officers, and a short visit to the Hi Tech custody unit, which some of you will remember as the Charge Room and cells. I can assure you that it has changed dramatically over the years)

Because space was limited, we had to restrict numbers to 30, retired officers only. Like last year, the afternoon went well. We were all enlightened and brought up to speed with the changes that have taken place over the years to the present time. It was nice to have the opportunity to meet and 'network' with Colleagues from 'days gone by'. The sumptious Buffet, like last year, was excellent!

Photographs can now viewed here - Courtesy of John Gronow

22nd Dec


Website errors - Due to a recent, serious server breakdown with our Hosting Company, the entire Swansea Narpo web site was lost and deleted. This meant that all files had to be uploaded back on to the server. However, it is likely that there will still be instances where there are pages with missing photographs and broken links etc.

If you do come across such errors, please do send an email to the Web officer, Jeff Davies (jeffdavies at informing him and by also including the relevant web page address. Eg. www.narposwansea/news.htm.

Thank you.


Educational books for children - You may remember me from previous emails, one being in 2013 concerning my persistent request for donations for my Trek to Jordan in aid of MacMillan Cancer Support, the other promoting my holiday apartment in Spain. Both provided me with wonderful responses.

Well I'm promoting again. This time I'm introducing you to 'Learn with Alex and Anna,' educational stories for children. Read all about it here...

Kind regards
Peter Hayward
Learn with Alex and Anna
Educational books for children


Living in a Care Home - This could be of interest to some of your members who have experienced family living in a care home: Are you a family member or friend of an older person who is living in a care home?

See our website Notices page for more information

Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251


For the website to continue to be a success and to continue to 'look fresh' we need your help!

We are confident that there must be many photographs and interesting / amusing anecdotes from your time in ‘the job’ that could be shared with others. Also, if you’ve embarked on an interesting hobby, enjoyed a new career or have advice for those about to leave the service - why not share your experience?

PLEASE email your photos and articles to any committee member together with any suggestions you have for improving the website.

Our email addresses can be found here.
Thank you - 23rd Oct

Police Life Website

Police Life Newsletter

Police Pensions - The CPI has just been released for September as 1.2% Police Pensions will rise for those eligible in April 2015 by said amount. See website for more details.


Steve Edwards
Deputy Chief Executive
01924 331 251
15th October 2014

Police Oracle
Very latest Police News - Registration by Email required.

Christmas Dinner - 2014

This was held on Wednesday 3rd December 2014 at the Morriston Golf Club
Photographs now available to view here



Ill HealthIll Health - our best wishes for a speedy recovery to the following: (6th January)

Les Clements who has recently been in hospital.
Nesta Sanger who has been in Hospital for a few weeks.

John Gronow who was recently admitted to Hospital but is now back home.

If you know of a member's special birthday, anniversary or admittance to Hospital, please inform Bryon Tucker (Welfare Officer) We rely on all of you for updates. Thank you.

New Members - Welcome to Richard Jackson, Garry Thomas Iain McCullum and Arwel Jones.

Special Birthdays & Celebrations Special Birthdays-

Congratulations to the following on their special Birthdays between January and March 2015 – Jim Evans, Ethel Stokes, Betty Robbins, John Davies, Huw Griffiths, John Driscoll, Geoff Johnson, Margaret Morgan, Steve Roberts, Wendy Wedlake, Marylyn Hughes, Terry Healey, Dick Grove, Allan Rees, Aston Davies and Gloria Peters. Also to Roger and Dianne Burnell on their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

New Members - Welcome to Denise Jones, Phillip Lloyd, Simon Edmunds, Tony Wheeler, Nick Salter, Martin Richards and Stuart Winks as an Associate Member.

Bereavements - our condolences to the families of Bernard Grey - Civilian Van Driver - CPS.

The next Committee Meeting will be held on Thursday 12th February 2015 – In the meantime, please contact any Committee Member or the Secretary Phil Taylor at 01792 842378 or email  if you would like any issue raised. 


Albert Appleton - Appeal for information
Regarding our previous News article on an appeal for information on Albert Appleton, would Steve Otterway or anyone else who is interested please contact any Narpo Committee member as we now have an update.
Thank you. Jeff Davies, Sept 2014.

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Events for 2014

Gwili Railway TripGwili Railway afternoon trip/Evening Carvery Meal

Click here for Photographs

Christmas Market Trip - Ludlow

We are arranging a coach to Christmas Market in late October/ early November –probably Ludlow, further details in future Newsletters.


Newsletters by Email

A few months ago our Email system was hacked and our complete list of Email contact addresses was wiped out. We have managed to recover the vast majority but we are aware that in the aftermath of this hacking some of you had difficulty in re-submitting your details. If you have any doubts as to whether or not we have you listed correctly then please contact Phil to check. A brief Email to will suffice. This is now doubly important as we are moving towards a “presumed consent” system of sending the Newsletter by Email to the addresses we currently hold

Generally speaking the reaction to send future Newsletters by Email has been very positive. However, we appreciate that this is a major change and we have decided to proceed slowly and as previously indicated we will extend this system to more members progressively throughout the coming year and completion by the start of 2015.

We would like to reassure all members who do not have a computer that you will continue to receive your Newsletter by post and those of you with computers can continue to receive by post by opting out of our Email scheme!

NB: It is vital that we have your correct up to date email addresses!