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(Updated 17th February 2011)

News Disability Living Allowance Reform - More here

Princess Royal Trust for carers -

Dear Supporter, Our colleagues at the Princess Royal Trust for Carers are carrying out a survey amongst people aged 60+
who provide unpaid care for a friend or family member anywhere in the UK. More here

News Service of Commemoration to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Blitz of Swansea
A special Service of Commemoration is to be held at St Marys Church, Swansea at 2.30 pm on Sunday, 20th February 2011 to mark the 70th Anniversary of the Blitz of Swansea which took place between the 19th and 21st February 1940.
More here

News South Wales Police Federation Annual Travel Insurance.

Ok to go by public transport An interesting writeup by Roger Inward - The downfall of using your own car instead of Public Transport. (31st Oct)

"After last winter's snow, ice and general poor road conditions I wondered if the Federation Travel Insurance covered missed flights in circumstances where you travel to the airport in your own private vehicle. The reply I got from Angela Barker (Client Liaison Unit) is "No".

Cover is only provided if you are using "public" transport. So, if you miss your flight because of adverse weather conditions preventing the use of your own car - NO cover.
I've sent a similar query to the NARPO insurance and await a reply".

Dear Mr Inward,

Not covered if using own transportSouth Wales Police Federation Annual Travel Insurance - WHIIL/VOY/SWP/2010.
Further to your email received today at 15.28, unfortunately there is no cover under the policy if you are using your own transport to make your way to the airport/seaport. The policy does however offer cover under section 5 Travel Delay, if pre-booked public transport (see page 3 of your policy booklet) is used and delayed.

I hope you find this satisfactory but if we can be of any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards
Angela Barker
Client Liaison Unit.

UpdateI've had a reply from the NARPO insurance regarding cover when travelling to the airport in your own car. Their policy is the same as the Federation Insurance - NO cover for delayed departure due to inclement weather if you fail to get to the airport in your own car. What time's the next bus to Cardiff airport...............?
Roger (13th Nov)

Requests and helpNews I am researching a book about an MI5 spy from Wales called
Arthur Owens who had the code Gwilym Williamsname Snow.

UPDATE 9th February 2011

Hello Bryon

I thought I would give you an update on how my search for Gwilym Williams is going. Thanks to your site I have had several contacts. One was from a retired inspector but his message was so long that it filled the message box on my phone and I never got to the end to hear his detials. However I think he was phoning to let me know that he didn't know anything. I was also contacted by Peter Hall who had some information but before I could meet Peter I was contacted by Ceri Price who turned out to be Gwilym Williams great nephew who had researched his family history and had a bulging file worth of information so I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping me in my quest

Madoc Roberts


One of the characters who plays a part in the story is a retired Police Inspector called Gwilym Williams who may have come from the Swansea area and was employed by MI5 to keep an eye on Owens and accompany him on trefs (missions) to Germany. The two were in effect double agents who helped establish the double cross system which was so successful that they controlled all the German agents in Britain during WWII and played a major part in fooling the Germans into thinking that the D-Day landings were going to happen at Pas de Calais rather than Normandy. This saved thousands of British lives.

I attach a photo of Gwilym Williams in uniform and would like to find out more about him and the origin of this photograph; if any of your members remember him or know stories about him. Thank you in advance for any help

Madoc Roberts

Can anyone assist Madoc please?

If so, could you please direct replies to Mr Roberts and also email any of the committee
members in order that we are updated. Thank you.

22nd October 2010

News The South Wales Police Museum web site is now live once more.
The museum itself though is currently closed; for exhibits to be re-displayed.

News Billboard is a bi-monthly magazine produced for all South Wales Police Employees.
It is published in the last week of February, April, July, August, October and December.
It can be downloded from the South Wales Force web site or from - this page

November edition released - 30th November

News The Future of Narpo - Have your say HERE...


News AGM - Some positive thinking!
The attendance at the AGM represented less than 3% of our membership and to think that the Committee increased the amount of Buffet Food in anticipation of a good turnout!!

Well, your Committee are nothing but positive thinkers - we decided that allowing for absences due to ill health, holidays, gardening watching television etc etc that a possible 90 % of the Branch could attend. BUT, as they did not we presume that this 90% are extremely satisfied with our running of the Branch so we thank you for that vote of confidence!.. In relation to the extra food, being positive thinkers – we could not allow it to go waste as is illustrated here, photographs, so armed with “doggie bags “we resolved the issue, again in a positive manner!

News Assistance required with the South Wales Police Museum
More information here
(Pdf file)

Museum   New: Museum Questionaire (17th June)
The Museum is in need of volunteers to assist with the cataloguing of the museum; for those who would be willing to speak in the future when the museum is open, on various topics or regions. There is a full questionnaire on our website and you will see that there is a request for willing retired officers with personal “police related stories” to be interviewed, and possibly filmed and or audibly recorded to maintain the South Wales Police heritage.

We have already volunteered our raconteur par excellence – Hubert Thomas to participate. Please contact Terina Shaw /Marketing Officer South Wales Police Tel: 01656 303207 Ext: 28057 or Mob: 07974 159399 or email

News Dunvant Male Voice Choir are seeking new members. They rehearse on Monday and Thursday each week at Olchfa School. Interested? Then phone member - Dai Jeffreys at Tel: 01792 - 29766

Quiz NightNews The Quiz evening at Dunvant Rugby Club was held on Thursday 20th May 2010 Photographs can now be viewed here

News Another successful Cine Race Evening - with free Chicken and Chips was held at the Race Night Red Lion Morriston on Thursday 7th October 2010. This was an excellent “fun evening”, the same as last year– Again, a very limited number attended but all still enjoyed the evening.

Important - Members attending events are asked please to contact Brian Jones on Tel: Swansea 01792-299762 so that he will know how much food to order!

Bus TripNews Bus trip to Worcester - Took place on Wednesday 22nd September

The bus trip to Worcester was a great success with a total of 41 members coming along. The weather was warm and sunny whilst in rained in SouthWales!
An enjoyable day was had by all. Many thanks as per usual to Brian Jones for all the hard work in arranging the trip. Note: Photographs will be available later...

News The 2010 Christmas Lunch was held on Tuesday 14th December
at The Manor Park, Clydach. A nice time was had by all who attended. The meal was very good and a big vote of thanks is extended to all of the staff who did their very best to make us feel very welcome. Photographs can now be viewed here.

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  Christmas Lunch

Travel InsuranceNews Travel Insurance
Many of you travel abroad quite regularly and we recommend you look at the new Narpo Annual Travel Scheme outlined on Page 27 of the last Narpo news. It is an unbeatable deal covering pre-existing medical conditions. The Annual Fee is only £115 for a couple and £80 for singles. You can not join if you’re over 80 but once in under that age you can retain your membership past that age


News Linder Myers Solicitors

Linder Myers offer free legal advice to members, and free initial consultation for members.
Services include personal Injury & medical claims, divorce & family, Police Pensions and a FREE basic will service to NARPO Members. They offer advice concerning the protection of assets against care home fees and Fixed priced conveyancing of £249 plus disbursements is offered.
More information here on their website

The Charity exists to serve anyone who is, or has been in the Armed Forces, Reserves and TA. They and their families can call on us for the rest of their lives. More than 10 million people in the UK today are eligible for our help, good advice and friendship. More here

News Conveyancing Offer
The legal firm Lynda Myers who advise Narpo nationally are currently offering members and their families a set price fee of £249 + Vat + disbursements for conveyancing of any property valued under £500,000.00 - please phone Carol Parren at 01618 376850 if you are interested.

NewsThe Red Snapper Group specialise in finding retired officers work
Members who are interested in seeking work in a civilian role after retirement can register at Or by contacting
Rosa Smith Recruitment Officer Tel: 0203 119 3355

News Police Dependants Trust This was set up in 1966, following the murder of 3 Officers in London by armed criminals. It was started with a gift of £100,000.00 by the late Sir Billy Butlin. Its purpose is to help police officers and/or their families who were either killed or seriously incapacitated due to the special hazards of policing. To date, over four and half thousand cases have been brought to the notice of the Trustees.

In general, when such tragic situations arise the Officers or Dependants are reasonably well treated. However, unforeseen problems resulting from the incident may not occur for many years. The Trustees will look at all requests thoroughly and sympathetically but of course will need verification of the original incident. This can be problematic in that records may no longer exist of incident that occurred perhaps some 20 years or so previously. Therefore any Officer/ or Dependants of such officers are invited to register their potential interest as soon as possible after the event when the facts are fresh and records available. The Registration can be made by using the Application Form available on line via – or by Tel: 020 8979 4323

NewsWanted - Photographic History of the former Swansea County Borough Police
Ross Mather - retired constable from the Traffic Division, South Wales Police, is currently researching the history of the former police forces that went to make up what is now the South Wales Police. His ultimate goal is to have a book published, on the history of the police in South Wales (area) especially the former independent police forces of Swansea, Glamorgan, Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil and Neath, and perhaps the former forces that were on their respective borders.

He has an avid interest in the history of these police forces and has amassed a very interesting and personal collection of memorabilia, some of which can be viewed at:

Ross is looking for photographic history relating to the former Swansea County Borough Police to use as part of his research. Requesting please, any policing related photographs etc. primarily relating to the former Swansea force and / or any other Welsh force. Any photograph would be borrowed for a short period of time, copied and returned, wholly at his expense. He also hopes to seek out any items of memorabilia that relate to any former, pre-amalgamation Welsh forces.

NewsWelsh Food Alliance survey
Subject - Have your say in planning an older people's food charter - Click here

News Swansea Osteopath Clinic
This venture has recently opened and the Proprietor, Hartshorn Clarke Associates are offering NARPO members’ concessionary rates. Further details can be obtained by visiting the website

News Vision Express:
Vision Express are offering Narpo Members discounts on Eye Examinations and Spectacles etc.
For full details please phone 0800 73 80 90 or visit Website

NewsThe LifeBook is a free booklet where you write important and useful information about your life, from who insures your car to where you put the TV licence.
More here

NewsFeedback - Cast your minds back to the last Newsletter and the item regarding Dave Walters. We are delighted to report that Dave has been true to his word and after being contacted by Brian Welch –who now has severe hearing problems - visited Brian and gave valuable advice. To quote Dave “Any more people you know of, not only retired officers, who find themselves in a position where they don’t know who to turn to when they find themselves in a predicament, then please let me know. I can only at present point them in the right direction of who to contact and what to do as regards getting help.”

Well done Dave and well done to our Newsletter for encouraging this Member to Member help – perhaps you have more situations we can help with? Please let us know!