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Huberts' Tales
The following humorous and true stories have been kindly submitted by Hubert Thomas (Ex. 90/2110) They are stored in PDF format and can be opened in the free Adobe Reader software.

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By Royal Command It was at this point that I experienced a traumatic moment. To my utter dismay I had “no” uniform trousers, Yes I had my jacket, shirt and tie but “no trousers”
Life Saving while at sea.
"My impressionable mind at this time conjured up a picture of mountainous seas with an open boat in great danger of sinking".
"My story relates to the period of summer in the year 1975, a part of the year when fetes and carnivals are so popular"
pdf "The period to which my story refers is the early 1960's. I was at this time based in the northern sub district of Morriston, with Ivor (The Chin) Griffiths being the Inspector in charge"
Fifi stole my Status
"The pride of being part of the big occasions was just wonderful but when I saw the prominent position that the selected group of officers, 'The Halberdiers' were accorded, I became quite envious"
The Driving Test
"My service within the old Swansea Borough Police led to many unusual experiences, some exciting, some frightening, some very challenging and in addition, some highly amusing"

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