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Old CPS Swansea
The 'old' Swansea Central Police Station (CPS)

together with a Swansea Constable (1821)

Now known as:
Llys Glas (Old Police Station), Swansea.

New! Life of a Swansea Policeman (April 2012)
Inspector George Jones REES - 1877 - 1962
compiled by Chris Amundson - April 2012.
A facinating glimpse of Police life, way back in time!

WANTED - Any information/photographs regarding the former Swansea CPS.

(The buildings 100th anniversary is due in 2013)

Feedback received to date PLUS links to related web sites:-

newUpdate: A fascinating book entitled 'To Guard my People', detailing the history of the Old Swansea Borough Police Force is now available to download Right click - Save Link As (81Mb pdf). Although the book is Copyright, permission to copy and share was kindly given by John Hunt, son of the Author Superintendent Walter William Hunt. Many thanks then to John and especially to Viv Martin who supplied me with the book for scanning. Enquiries revealed that Swansea Library have just the one copy of this book which is not for loan so we are very fortunate indeed to have been able to aquire a copy for all to enjoy. Although a hefty download at just over 8oMb, it's well worth waiting for it! Ed. (See below for even further information)

button Tales from the Single Men's Mess by Viv Martin (Dec 2010)

buttonOccupying a commanding angle site at the junction with Orchard Street.  Formerly also accommodated the Fire Brigade. Erected 1912-13 with later alterations.  Designed by Ernest Morgan, architect of Swansea.
More here as a PDF file... (9th December)

buttonThe Swansea Borough Force was formed on 21st March 1836
Superintendent Walter William Hunt in 1957 wrote a book called "To Guard My People" (his son John is a Narpo member) The book is an account of the origin and History of the Swansea Police and gives a lot of information relating to the Swansea Borough Police; the Central Police Station was built in 1912. The book was printed in Great Britain by Jones & Son Crown Printing Works, Morriston, Swansea and bound by George Tremewan & Son, Blackpill Swansea.

The book contains the names of all the Chief Constables from 1836 up to 1941 when D.V Turner was the Chief Constable; the history ends in 1957 when the total strength of the force was 272. In 1957, a lot of the members of the force purchased this book which I think cost five shillings at that time. Contributor Viv Martin - Dec 2010.

Update: A digital PDF copy of the book is now available for downloading here
Right click - Save link as (81Mb pdf)

Note: Swansea Central Library only have one of these books which is for reference only. The other book which is normally available for loan cannot currently be found. Ed. Dec 2010. - The book is not available with Amazon either!

button Glamorgan Archives Glamorgan Constabulary records

button Detailed catalogue available re. Swansea Constabulary at the West Glamorgan Archive Service in the Civic Centre, Swansea. More here...

button The Diary of a Swansea Police Officer: PC 207 Lewis Jones, Gorseinon, 1859
Although it is believed there is no connection with the CPS, it makes interesting reading!

buttonSwansea Borough Police
The earliest historical record of a police officer in Swansea, is dated 1402.
The position was held by an individual called Thomas Somer , who was also the local gaol keeper.  His salary was twopence a day.

button Wartime Memories Project - The British Police Constabulary had a tough job during the Second World War. In addition to their peacetime duties of law and order, a job made more difficult by the blackout and petrol rationing, they also they also had to work closely with Civil Defence workers during and after air raids.

buttonSouth Wales Police Archives - Police Museum


More information required please... Can you please help us

Very little is presently known to us at Narpo, regarding the history of the old Swansea Central Police Station. We have been approached by the present tenants to see if we can provide some backround information for their new home. Any information recieved will be recorded on the website and also passed on to interested parties.

Any information concerning this building would be very welcome, including photographs; date of construction, etc etc.

Photographs and articles of interest can be copied and returned safely to the sender or of course can be emailed to any committee members of Narpo. This information will be contained on this special page of our web site for all to enjoy. Contributors can of course remain anonymous if they so desire.

We hope that members will forward their memories and we look forward to your contribution(s)

Thank you - Diolch yn fawr.

Dec 2010.

E-mail details to any committee members:

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